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8 Quick Ways You Can Become a Social Media Rock Star

You want passionate fans and followers? Then you need to be a social media ROCK STAR.

1. Understand your audience and deliver
A social media rock star first knows his/her audience.  A country singer isn’t going to smash his guitar after a kick-ass show, and a punk rocker isn’t going to play an acoustic set. They understand who their audience is, and they give them what they want. A true social media rock star knows their audience so well that they know what they like before they do. A social media rock star must listen to, engage with, and converse with their audience so they can truly understand what drives their fans and followers. Understanding their fans and followers means that they can better create the next groundbreaking piece of content. A true social media rock star doesn’t follow popular opinion, because they know their fans are one-of-a-kind, and are looking for something different.

2. Make the mundane appear extraordinary
If everyone is saying the same thing, how will you grab the attention of your audience? Social media rock stars are the people who come up with creative takes on a topic, and say something relevant in a unique way. True social media rock stars make their content stand out. If you want to stick out, you can't just do what everyone is doing. While this strategy comes with bigger risk, it also comes with bigger reward.

3. Produce a lot of kick-ass content
True rock stars bang out hit after hit on a regular basis, helping them stand out in an ocean of mediocrity. To be a social media rock star, you must be great at creating content over and over again. And this must be content that people can't help but share. A social media rock star might do this through authoritative commentary, unique perspectives, dramatic images, engaging content, or consistent blogs.

4. Authentic with their audience
Social media rock stars don't waste their audience’s time, publish useless content, or mislead their fans. People only become social media rock stars when others elevate them to that status. And it is only possible for others to elevate someone to that status is if they are trusted. Trust will not happen over night. Instead it comes over time and through the publishing on consistent content. Therefore, a true social media rock star must be incredibly careful about what content they publish. When you care about what you publish, you gain the attention, and trust of your fans and followers.  

5. Reinvent themselves
A social media rock star understands his/her industry inside and out. This means that they read everything that is published in their area of interest. A social media rock star eats, sleeps, and breathes their passion, making them an influencer in their industry. Instead of talking about what happened yesterday, they talk about what is going to happen tomorrow. They talk about what will happen because they know everything that there is to know about their industry, and are thus qualified to make such bold predictions.

6. Passionate about what they do
A social media rock star has a passion for their area of interest. They use social media to share this passion, and to converse with others about the topic. Social media rock stars make sure that they are connecting with their fans and followers. Connecting with your fans gets potential customers interested, engaged, and connected. Be authentic. Be real. Be you.

7. Collaborate with other rock stars
The best social media content isn’t created in a vacuum. Ideas are built upon previous ideas, bounced off others, and created in collaboration. Social media rock stars not only partner with others to create content, but also to increase their reach. This maximizes both their time and effort. You are not the only rock star in your industry, so make certain that you are working with other brilliant people.

8. Always practicing
Gaining a following doesn’t happen overnight. Similarly, neither does creating kick-ass content. It takes creativity, diligence, and time. The more you practice, the better you will get. And as long as you keep practicing the right techniques, you will be on your way to becoming a true social media rock star.

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