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An 8-step plan for social media spring cleaning

Much like your house, networking and social interaction requires frequent upkeep and an occasional robust cleaning to function effectively. We all perform the daily tweaks and weekly sweeps of our social media lives, but at least once a year we should do a thorough cleaning to keep our social networks in optimal condition.

You need to clean out those old sources of your social media diet that are no longer nourishing, dust the cobwebs off those old connections to keep them polished and valuable, and clean out the dirt from the corners of your social life where you haven't ventured in months.

Spring cleaning is really just a bunch of chores that we are only in a good enough mood to endure when we know spring is coming, but they are necessary. And you will feel much better afterward.


Identify and follow up with your 20 most important LinkedIn Connections. Not all connections are created equal. Some are more important, either to you directly, or for the connections they have themselves. These connections need to be kept alive with an occasional “hey, how are you? I'm doing this now” type of email.

Find 3 new  LinkedIn groups to join. There are endless networking opportunities just waiting to be maximized on LinkedIn. Don't get too stagnant or comfortable with your presence. Any successful brand, personal or corporate, is constantly looking for ways to innovate and expand.


Unsubscribe from all the blogs that you don't like/read anymore. Everyone has them; those blogs that you subscribed to because you or someone else thought they would be valuable, but you disagreed with the first five posts, and haven't read one in weeks.  And be honest with yourself; just like throwing out old clothes, when in doubt throw ‘em out!

Find 3 new blogs to read. There is so much amazing, valuable content out there. The problems are a) you don't have enough time to read it all, and b) you don't know where to find it. Well, with regards to problem a) see first blog tip (you just created that time), and for b) just ask! You already have a network of people with relevant interests, opinions, and needs who would be happy to give you some suggestions.


Get unfollow-happy. The 80/20 rule applies to Twitter, just like it seems to apply to everything else. I would bet that 80% of the value you get from Twitter comes from 20% of the people you follow. So, what are the other 80% of people you follow providing? Noise, which equals a waste of your time. Get rid of them.

Transfer 10 of your most valuable Twitter connections to LinkedIn. Twitter is great for networking, but the connections you make are usually a lot looser and lighter than on LinkedIn. If you can transfer those connections to LinkedIn, you not only bring them closer, but you will be able to access and utilize them in a more robust way.


Find 5 of your friends that could be valuable professional connections. Most of us use Facebook for our personal lives. But many times we overlook certain personal connections that could be valuable as professional connections. Check out some of your older friends that you haven't talked to in a while, and reconnect with five that are doing something interesting, relevant, or valuable to you.

Find 3 businesses that are using Facebook exceptionally well and study their fan page. Facebook for business is a great skill to know, and it's only going to become more important to understand how brands create value on this platform. Even a quick lesson or new perspective will help you understand the potential.

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  • Apr 5 Posted 6 years ago EricFulwiler @terri, hootsuite would be a great way to manage. organization is key to efficiency, especially as we are all so overloaded with social media intake.


    @lorne, I completely agree with you about the twitter lists. One of the most underutilized and undervalued tools. Twitter loses so much value when you can't sort out the noise from the value, and lists are a great way to gain that value back.


    Thanks for the helpful thoughts.

  • Apr 3 Posted 6 years ago LornePike Great timing on this post! It's a Saturday morning, and I've spent the last few hours cleaning up my Twitter lists, unfollowing a few, and reorganizing my LinkedIn contacts. Thanks for the reminder that I'm on the right track.

    One tip I'd add would be to really dig into the Twitter lists. I've set up all the tweeps I follow into a dozen or so different lists. I can quickly check out all the latest tweets from my marketing or design or SEO contacts, or just check in on friends or local businesses, each in a very focused feed. Great time saver!

    All the best...
  • JonThomas's picture
    Apr 2 Posted 6 years ago JonThomas Eric,

    Great ideas here.  I definitely have some blog overload and really need to figure out which ones I pay attention to and which ones can go.  I also love the idea of transferring valuable Twitter contacts to LinkedIn.  I haven't tried to connect the two very often yet, so I'll definitely do that.  

    Great ideas!

  • Mike Johansson's picture
    Apr 2 Posted 6 years ago MikeJohansson1 Nicely done! Some great reminders here since we all seem to get caught up in managing all our various social media presences - this reminds us to take a step back and tidy up. Thanks Eric.
  • Apr 1 Posted 6 years ago TerriBrooks Great tips and I would add establish a HootSuite account to manage all of the above in one place.
  • Apr 1 Posted 6 years ago EricFulwiler Josh, I've definitely been of the same mentality, especially as my (admittedly small but i like it that way) twitter community grows. I seem to tend to use to two-strike policy on really pointless, irrelevant, bad tweets. There is just so much noise, and also so much value I can get from other sources.
  • JoshCanHelp's picture
    Apr 1 Posted 6 years ago JoshCunningham Great post! I'm very unfollow happy, particularly lately. I've been going page by page through who I follow on Twitter, adding people to lists and unfollowing about half that I see. I'd rather interact with people I can learn something from than just anyone.
  • Apr 1 Posted 6 years ago DanRyanTn (not verified)


    I like your ideas.  I had started doing some of this with the numerous email marketing newsletters I receive and I will expand to my social world.

    Thanks for the post!



  • Apr 1 Posted 6 years ago EricFulwiler Glad it's useful for you, Paul. Now I just need to listen to my own advice and get this spring cleaning done in my own networks...

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