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8 Tweet Structures to Generate Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is a huge part of digital marketing and when you consider that 66.7% of public brand mentions on social media come from Twitter (according to Econsultancy), it’s worth taking the platform seriously. Everything from the design of the headers and logos, to the time and structure of the tweet needs to be on form for your brand to succeed and stand out on the channel; social reputation and the way you interact with your target audience in a target moment is key on such a public platform.
Sometimes, we all hit a brick wall when deciding what to tweet. Sometimes, what you are saying needs a little more strategy and alignment with overall company or sales goals. It's a crowded market place and it can be a battle to get your voice heard amongst the constant stream of chatter, which is why considering the "why's and wherefore's" behind the tweet is so important.
We work as a digital marketing agency across a number of verticals from small clients to multi-national brands, internal projects to worldwide product roll outs and we've spotted some recurring patterns in successful Tweets: those which generated more interactions, more engagement and more return on investment. These eight Twitter ‘formulas’ present a breakdown of the most popular structures of a a post, which will of course depend on the tweet’s purpose and your intended audience. 
8 Tweet structures to generate engagement
Try experimenting with some of them and see which are most successful in getting people to take notice of your tweets and respond to what you have to say!

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