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9 of the Best Ways to Engage Customers on Social Media

Engage Customers on Social MediaSo you’re a small business just getting started out on social media. You have high hopes for bringing in customers through your web presence, only you’re finding it difficult to attract lots of followers. It’s a problem lots of businesses face when venturing onto social networks, but it’s not impossible to overcome. Here are some of the most effective ways to engage with current and potential customers on social media.

1. Use Social Media Buttons

One of the first ways your company likely interacts with customers is through your website, so make sure to embed social media buttons with the content you have there. That allows visitors to share good content with their friends while also encouraging them to check out your social media sites.

2. Write Unique Content

You won’t stand out from the already crowded social media field if your content is of the cookie cutter variety. Take stories from different angles, show a different side of your company, or combine different ideas into a one-of-a-kind presentation. Unique content will get you noticed.

3. Headlines Matter

It’s the first thing almost everybody sees for your new social media post--the headline. A catchy headline will attract people’s attention and lead to many more clickthroughs. Make it boring and forgettable and people will quickly scroll past it without a second thought.

4. Know Your Platform

You don’t have to limit yourself to one platform on social media, just make sure you choose ones that are good matches for your business. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram each come with distinct advantages and a certain type of audience. Know what those advantages are and you’ll be able to create more engaging content for your customers.

5. Be Visual

One of the best ways to engage customers on social media is through visual content. It can be through a meme-inspired picture, a funny YouTube video, an educational infographic, or an enlightening Slideshare presentation. Whatever you choose, pick something that can capture a person’s attention at first glance.

6. Tips & Advice

People like to search for help on a wide range of subjects. That’s what makes content involving tips and advice so effective, like the tips posted on personal care company Nu Skin’s Facebook page. If customers know they’ll get helpful advice from your social media sites, they’ll visit more often.

7. Run Some Contests

Few things attract a crowd like a contest. Running sweepstakes and giveaways is a surefire way to bring in some more traffic to your social media site. The contests don’t have to be elaborate either. Some may only require people to “like” a certain post. Others may ask for photos or answers to trivia questions. If the contest is fun and has a worthwhile reward, it will likely be shared as well.

8. Respond to comments

If your customers are commenting on your posts, respond to them. If you respond in a quick and timely manner, that will help customers know they’re not responding to a blank wall. It can also encourage future comments from others.

9. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a more direct way to get people’s opinions on your company or any variety of topics. You might even take a vote to find out how people feel about a subject. These strategies can help you figure out what motivates your customers and could lead to some future business ideas.

All of these tactics are great ways to engage your customers on social media. An effective strategy is to combine all of them for maximum impact. By fostering a sense of community among your customers, they’re more likely to stick with you over the competition. 

Image Source: chrome-lagos

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