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Advice: How to Market to Millennials -- and How to Use Social Media to Get a First Job

Last month I wrote a post called Tough love for marketing and PR job seekers. In it I challenged you to prove you are a great marketer by showing, not telling. I said that you need to create content that will brand you as someone to hire. Now. Starting today.

I've delivered this advice to hundreds of people. Sadly for them, I know from experience that nearly all ignore this advice.

Lindsey Kirchoff, as I write this a graduating senior at Tufts University, is in the tiny minority. She eagerly took up the challenge and started a terrific blog How to Market to Me.

Market to meIn her blog, Lindsey offers her opinions on how to market to millennials like her. She says: It's my opinion. It's about the advertisements that "get" me as a collegiate and twentysomething consumer. The companies that understand my values, participate in my humor and reach me when/where I’m most likely to need them. It's also about companies that don't do any of those things and how they can better reach me (and people like me) in the future.

Lindsey is currently on the hunt for a job at a mid-to-large marketing firm with a strong entry level program to help her really learn the industry. She says: "And I wouldn’t complain if I could relocate to somewhere sunny (I’m looking at you Austin, San Francisco and Nashville)."

If I was hiring new graduates, I'd jump to hire Lindsey before anyone else does.

After my speech at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July, 2011, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of interns at Microsoft.

I provided the same advice I offered to Lindsey about getting a great first marketing job. Part of the discussion was filmed and I offer it here.

Direct link to the video here.

If you know someone looking for that first marketing or PR job, please share this post with them.

Disclosure: I got to know Lindsey because my book The New Rules of Marketing and PR is used at Tufts and I reached out to a professor there looking to hire an intern on a project for the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum. Lindsey has been working directly with me on that project.

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  • Miley Martin's picture
    Jul 13 Posted 3 years ago Miley Martin

    Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin are the platforms that connect you with number of peoples from different sectors and interests. Social interactions help you to build up your awareness in online communities so in that way you can get various oppurtunities for your certain purpose. Similarly social networks tend to be considered as modern educating system for todays generation as well. Here is a good article on how students can use social media netwroks to be more educated themselves. How Students Benefit Through Social Media Networkingpersonal statement writersoperating system assignment



  • AssignmentValley's picture
    Jul 10 Posted 3 years ago AssignmentValley

    Social networking is very important for your online identity and if you are seeking a well-paid job, then you must capitalize your presence in the  top social media networks and you should also be well known to use them in a proper way.


    Consultant at Essay Uk

  • Digital Age Journalist's picture
    May 11 Posted 5 years ago Digital Age Jou...


    I enjoyed your article and loved the video. I am a huge fan of the Millennials. In fact, I saw a show on Public Television about the authors of the book about them.

    I can only attribute the ban on social media in the workplace to ignorance. It reminds me of book banning or burning in the extreme. Progress is about going forward, not backwards.

    Social Media IS. It is not going away. It will change; it will continue to evolve. But it IS here to stay. I think it is a much saner approach to learn how to use it to the max and for the good.

    I also refuse to accept resumes from graduating students. All I want is contact info to their social media. There are both digital and analog ways to gather their contact info.

    In case you do not remember me, I am the person who served Jerry Garcia coffee but did not know it was him. We now have another connection. You and I are both mentioned on Wikipedia on the definition page for Inbound Marketing. We are cited in the Notes at the bottom of the page. You are #5 and I am #6. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah are actually a bit further down the page.

    Again thanks for the great 'thumbs up' for the millenials and social media. I loved the part about politely leaving a job interview of a company does not allow use of the new communication technology. I am with you 100%.


    Alison Gilbert
    Media Maven at
    Digital Age Journalist for

  • May 10 Posted 5 years ago DanielleSlpr

    Excellent article! I am very impressed by Lindsey. I wrote a recent blog post on using social media in the job search aimed at those looking to breaking into the field of international education, though a lot of it can be applied to any student or recent graduate :

  • May 5 Posted 5 years ago Hyun Daniel Kim

    This is just my opinion, but they have worked previously in many occassions. 

    1. Be Professional in Social Media - Don't post anything that can show you as an idiotic or dumbass. In other word, don't put a photo of you doing beer party or binge drinking on Facebook. Facebook has been known to be used by many HR company and it can do it. 

    2. Build your social media reputation -  Write a blog, or post interesting article online constantly. 
    You have to show that what you can do is worth the employer's time. For instance, I have a facebook page for a personal cause: 

    Small thing such as this can show you that you are social media savvy and knows how to communicate with your users/followers or target audience. 

    3. Linkedin & Twitter - Build your linkedin Profile & Twitter if you have not started. Many people in the industry have Linkedin for their professional connection or business purpose. Connect with your peers, co-workers or friends online. Join a Linkedin Group & participate on your interested subject - for instance, social media marketing stratregy and provide your opinion and share ideas.

    Twitter - Start twitter page, write a post and follow people that interest you or organization. 

    I hope this helps & always smile in job interview or any job. That way, you get more positive feedbacks.


  • May 5 Posted 5 years ago beedelia

    Any tips on creating great content that will brand me as someone to hire? 

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