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Ann Taylor, You Are Breaking My Heart.

Kate Hudson for Ann TaylorI think the marketing executives at Ann Taylor must have a gorgeous AT silk scarf tied over their eyes. Or maybe they are so busy running constant 40% off sales that they forget there are other great ways to market their product without giving away the farm.

Anyway, they simply aren't on board with what Facebook could do for their bottom line - and IT'S A CRYING SHAME.

While Ann Taylor's use of celebrity names to enhance their advertising is a stroke of brilliance, their social media strategy is completely bland, uninspired, and missing the entire concept of...umm... being social. It's really too bad, becuase they have the power to influence women of all ages and really make a difference.

I was looking over my Facebook activity, when I saw yet another post touting a new dreAnn Taylor Facebook post on 05/02/12ss. Kate Hudson was stunning, as always, and the dress was pretty - but.... really?

A major label of business fashion that does nothing but promote their line? That's fair enough as an advertising play, but social media is different - and they just don't get it. It's like putting a Kia motor in a Ferrari.WHAT A WASTE.

Facebook can be a powerful branding tool, but also a fantastic way to influence. Using it just to push out a stream of promotions shows they simply don't understand where they COULD go with this. Prromotional posts would be absolutely fine and appropriate - if it were part of a larger content mix.

If Ann Taylor wants to be the "go-to" brand for women of all ages - or even women in their 20s, 30s and 40s (which their advertising suggests), who are looking for sophistication and confidence through the clothes that they wear - why not use Facebook as a resource to share all things related to a confident, successful life?

After all, that's the image they want their brand to embody, right?It's all about how to be successful in their career, to be confident, to move full steam ahead in their job AND their life...

So take that brand, and roll it into a useful Facebook straCarrie Morgan on Ann Taylor's social mediategy. Intead of just over a half million in likes, do something interesting to quadruple that number.

Nice clothes are fantastic - but teach me to be a total rockstar at my job, and to look as confident as Kate Hudson? Baby, I'm yours for life!!

Post quotes from Kate, Demi and the other spokesmodels on what it means to be successful, how they stay confident and gorgeous, their worst fashion faux pas, how Kate felt about that dress during the photo shoot, what Demi wears from AT in real life. Then mix in hyperlinks and expert opinions on career success, life balance, confidently workign with difficult people, winning over your boss, how to present in style, etc.

Now THAT would be amazing. It would embody their brand on every level, and provide a lot more value to its customers than "spend here!" It would also have the legs to tie into their public relations efforts and advertising.

What do you think? Cruise over to then post your comment here.  

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