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Anticipated Social Media Trends for 2014

ImageSocial media – a term that was not even known to a lot of people even a decade back has become the talk of the online community. From personal necessities to businesses, it is almost everywhere, and bringing in benefits for all and sundry.

Over the years, social media has never failed to surprise the users. It has been transforming almost every year, remaining relevant all the way through. It remains to be seen what kind of changes advancements in social media will bring this year. Several experts are predicting a few trends for social media in 2014 that are expected to take social media a few steps forward in terms of popularity and advancements.

Responsive Designs are becoming Popular

Electronic devices are transforming with every passing day and their effects are apparent. You do not need to sit before the PC to check your mails now. A mobile phone is all that you require to remain connected – through your mails and through social media as well. More and more people are using mobile phones to go online these days. Hence, most of the social media websites are likely to keep this fact in mind when they design their pages in 2014. The SoLoMo factor or the Social, Local and Mobile aspect of the websites will drive the growth of responsive designs.

Shifting from the Social Media Monolith - Facebook

Over the last few years, only one name had been the major attraction of the social media world – Facebook. It became almost a craze among the users, old and young. Hence, majority of the businesses took to only Facebook for promoting their brands through advertisements. However, this popularity of Facebook is already on the wane. It has been found that even the younger generation is no more excited about what this social media giant brings to its users. This is gradually turning other social media websites into relevant platforms for advertising businesses and building brand values. The year 2014 is expected to experience an increase in the popularity of different social media websites. Those, which can be used for brand promotion and also be user friendly.

Expansion of the Idea of Content

Content has always been the king when it comes to social media optimization. And good quality content has always been the necessity. So it remains even today. Using high quality content on social media will continue to help businesses perform better as a whole. But the concept of content has changed significantly over the last few years. For those who still cannot think of content to be anything beyond the typed words and paragraphs that tell the stories just as the books do, it is time to move forward. Over the last few years, the concept of content has transformed significantly. A large number of businesses now prefer telling their story through well planned videos. In contrast to long videos, which were in use earlier, the recent trend is for smaller videos for storytelling.

Recognize the Sites that are Performing the Best for You

Are you satisfied with your company’s online presence? Are you sure you are making enough use of what social media has to offer? Delve deep into the details and you will surely find that there are more to acquire from them. Spread your online existence across a number of social media websites. However, you will have to recognize, which sites are offering the best results and focus more on them. This will help you in the long run to perform your business in the best way possible.

Pictures will be a Better Marketing Tool

This is an age when everything is moving around in the fastest possible manner. And people hardly have extra time to spare. Hence, they are being attracted more towards content that they can comprehend within a short time. And this is where the old adage, a picture speaks a thousand words, becomes relevant. Majority of the businesses are trying to make people understand their business details through image-based advertisements and infographics. These infographics help to convey maximum meaning with the help of minimum words and pictures rule here. These infographics are becoming the most popular ways of spreading the word about your business within the shortest possible time.

Anticipated Content Creation will Rule

Content marketing will continue to be one of the most important aspects of the online performance of any website. However, there will be a significant change in the way content marketing is performed. Anticipated content will become increasingly popular in the days and years to come. You will have to anticipate the topics on which the potential clients are expected discuss in the next few days and write content on that. This will ensure that the content remains popular among the potential customers, and so does your website.

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