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Are You Making This Mistake In Your Social Media Marketing?

The Mistake You're Probably Making In Social Media

Do you believe that social media to be a powerful tool in marketing your business? Or do you think that it’s all hype and no substance?

Regardless of your feelings, chances are if you’re using social media and not seeing results it’s because of a common mistake I see many brands and small businesses making. If you believe that social media is an overhyped tool it could be because of this same mistake.

Now what is this mistake that I see being made over and over? This mistake would be in not creating measurable goals. This is the mistake that I believe turns people away from using social media as a marketing tool for themselves and their business and one of the reasons I feel many believe that social media isn’t working for them.

Like with anything in life you need goals in order to be successful. Trying to lose weight? How much do you want to lose? The same can be said about using social media as a tool to market your business.

If you want to succeed in any of your marketing,  you need to first determine what it is you want to achieve in order to track and monitor what you are doing in order to determine if you’ve achieved your success or not.

So what types of goals should I be tracking?

Your goals can anything of significance to your business but they need to be something you can measure.

Some examples of goals you can create include:

  • Grow your email subscriber list
  • Coupon usage
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increasing unique visitors to your site
  • Decreasing bounce rate
  • Increasing page views or time on site
  • Making a purchase
  • Growing follower count

Why exactly is it important to be aware of and have goals you can measure? Without having a measurable goal you won’t know if the resources and time you have invested into your social media and other digital marketing efforts have been successful.

Let’s look at the example of growing your email list and you may have heard me talk about this in episode 13 of the podcast but I will share it again here.

If you currently have 500 email subscribers but want to have 3000 within 3 months, you now have a number that you can measure and a goal to work towards that can determine your success.

If you only set out to grow your email list you can be achieved by adding just 1 new subscriber. This may be successful to you or you may assume that your marketing efforts are not working for you. Without that measurable goal you have no way of knowing.

This just touches on one small area that you can adjust in your thinking in order to start seeing results from your social media efforts. My intentions are to help you begin to think about goals that you can measure in order to help define what it means to be successful in your business.

Goals, defining them and then measuring and tracking them is an important first step in helping you to create a social media strategy that you can implement to achieve that success. This framework of measurable goals, having a defined strategy and tactics can also help  you to determine the ROI of your social activities which while sometimes difficult to measure can be an important and required metric.

Over To You

What types of goals do you measure to define your marketing success?

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  • Chad Egeland's picture
    Jun 6 Posted 2 years ago Chad Egeland

    Great points Justin and thanks for reading. I agree responding and interacting with your community should be a priority and lets the community know that someone is reading, listening and cares enough to respond.

  • Justin Belmont's picture
    Jun 6 Posted 2 years ago Justin Belmont

    Great article, Chad!  When it comes to social media marketing, it's important to have a defined goal, in order to stay grounded in what we want to do. I liked the list of potential goals you wrote as well. One of the things that really stresses with our social media marketing is engaging with our audience; if they reach out to us, we make sure we respond. It's a way of humanizing your brand, a very important part of gaining a loyal following.

  • Jun 2 Posted 2 years ago Krish TechnoLabs

    I agree and think everybody do the same. message and feedback that you can't know if they reached their targets...

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