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Be More Social Using Buffer for Social Media

Chances are you’ve heard of the social media tool called Buffer. If you haven’t, it is a sharing and scheduling tool that allows you to stack up posts to be sent out at prescheduled times. You can send out messages, links, and pictures to the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Buffer is different from many other social scheduling tools because you don’t have to manually schedule each post or upload complicated spreadsheets. Simply set the times, day or night, that your followers are most active and that’s when updates will be sent.

If this sounds like the app you’ve been looking for there is a free version or you can enter to win the pro version on my Facebook page.

Buffer Screenshot

So how does Buffer make your social media experience more social?

Simple, it gives you more time to listen, find new followers, and join conversations.

As social media managers, marketers, and junkies we know it’s important to keep our feeds fresh and flowing. We know that sharing our own content drives traffic but we must also share what is relevant and engaging from others to build a trusting community. The problem is that finding this content and sharing it at the right time isn’t easy. It can take an hour or two out of each day to get this task done.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to consume content is through RSS feeds. If you haven’t already, add all of your favorite blogs to a free RSS aggregator like Google Reader. This allows you to quickly skim through a lot of content and read the articles that really stand out to you. 

Buffer has recently added a sharing button to Google Reader using their browser extensions. This allows you to easily share content that your followers would find useful while only spending about 10-15 minutes each day ‘buffering’. 

Google Reader with Buffer

Knowing that Facebook posts and tweets are all scheduled for the day will free up plenty of time for interaction and engagement. Take this new freedom to really interact with your followers and learn more about them. Increasing social time will grow a more useful community and provide lasting value.

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