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Benjamin Dyett on How Collaborative Networks Are Rivaling Much Larger Companies

Simon Pearce (@simonpearcelive) spoke to Grind co-founder Benjamin Dyett (@BenjaminDyett) about collaborating outside of the walls and silos of yesteryear. Benjamin talked about how collaborative networks and communities like Grind are providing the multiplier effect that was previously the exclusive domain of large, established companies.

 Benjamin Dyett


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  • MCCCODE's picture
    Mar 23 Posted 3 years ago MCCCODE

    I would like to start by saying that this comment is my answer to Robyn's question on LinkedIn's post

    Deep philosophical question for the group: where do you see collaborative work models heading?

    The pre-history: Collaboration was a necesity that early humans adopted in order to thrive as a race. We began by gathering in small communities with defined tasks and expertise. Hunter's and gatherers. As we evolved other necesities florrished religious leaders, expert builders, army leaders... and we know the rest.

    Big brands are doing it, so why don' tyou?

    The Ashton Kutcher vs CNN. who has the most followers on Twitter.

    DeviantArt (a printing company) that created a community arround art work.

    Kickstarter a platform designed to help entrepreneurs and visionaries to fund their start up

    and many other ventures and expamples can be found.

    To address the core of the question i think that is important to understand the necesity on the digital age. Collaboration is necesary because you need to create a better product or express an idea to the fullest of its potential; everyone has a certain set of skills and everyone is lacking a set of skills; and by collaboration you can enhance those weaker links.

    "collaboration is a junction not a street", when you participate and collaborate with others, you are expecting something in return, even if its a thank you tweet for your contribution, and its important to realize and adopt that concept; if i like and use someone else's inforgraphic on a piece i wrote i link back to the source or give the apropiate credit and exposure to that piece of content. why? first because is good manners, secondly because i chosed that piece of content to enrich my own. it created value!

    Why has not been widely adopted?

    I think it has been widely adopted, but in most cases has failed to produce results; or rephrasing myself it has failed to meet expectation dreams rather than expectation realities; expanding on last line it means you often hear from those increadible viral posts and the success that they have induced, but you often forget the hard work that took to create such post and to reach those masses.

    side note: i would ask hear someone for a great quote about patience, any ideas?

    Measuring Collaboration (and you should)

    Marketing is based on those ideas that work, and is also based by understanding why other ideas did not work, and very often happens that ideas work but not necesaraly the way that we have envisioned them. And here is where measuring becomes important. When you work alone you have established a certain reach; metric that you may have even if its a rough idea, where is your content going; by collaboration measurments you can enhace that reach or at least the potential of it and identify and discover new channels. simple example

    Post about collaboration written by me. i know it may get "x"tweets, "y" facebook likes "Z" G+ and so on. If the same article has been made by collaborating efforts the piece is potential to get

    "x+?" tweets ?(means those enhanced tweets that collaborators would participate). and is reciprocal since you have also linked and acredited and share their work across your communities.

    ultimately that delta will grow... but it takes time and effort, a sudden unexpected result may be seen, but that may be coincidence and not a base to rely on.

    hope it helps

  • Robin Carey's picture
    Mar 22 Posted 3 years ago Robin Carey

    I love that Benjamin confesses to it being exhausting to have to collaborate with a lot of passionate people.  Whew.

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