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Business Owners Get Ready for Twitter's New Web Analytics Tool

Twitter has been growing at a blistering pace and as it continues to thrive and become more integrated into our lives. Just recently Twitter achieved the 100 million active user mark and has a total of 200 million registered users. With all these users the opportunity for businesses is big but that also brings the need for better measurement tools to see what’s working and what’s not. Twitter has been making a push to appeal to businesses with their promoted tweets and ability to use it as help desk and customer service platform. Google analytics fairly recently introduced a new feature that allows you to track social interactions on your site including Twitter, Facebook, and Google + but Twitter just announced Twitter Web Analytics which looks like it may really provide some in depth and powerful data.

The Achilles heel of social media since its early arrival has been the lack of or insufficient measurement of social media data. This data is so important because the data can then be used to provide a more accurate return on investment which, for a business, is one of the primary reasons they want to use social media. Twitter web analytics is going to help website owners understand how much traffic they receive from Twitter and how effective their integrations are. According to Twitter there new product will have three key benefits:

  • Understand how much your website content is being shared across the Twitter network
  • See the amount of traffic Twitter sends to your site
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button integration

Business owners be patient, the web analytics tool will be rolled out to a small pilot group this week and will be made available to all website owners in the following weeks. With a recent shopper intelligence study showing that Twitter influences more purchases than Facebook, I am looking forward to see how well this works.

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  • Sep 16 Posted 5 years ago Marc Richard

    Thanks for sharing, Jacquelynn.  I look forward to playing with Twitter Analytics after the pilot is complete.

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