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Can Marketing Lessons Be Learned From Weird Al Yankovic?

Social media has become one of the fastest growing tools for many industries in the last decade. Each week we take a look at how social media has changed, as well as new trends in the industry. This week: Facebook added a new feature to bolster their news service, Weird Al Yankovic provides a great marketing case study, and Google is giving prominent search placement to users.

Facebook Gets a Fresh Look as News Service

On July 21, Facebook added a new feature that allows users to save articles, videos, links, and even pages, for later reading. Users can use the drop-down menu in the upper righthand corner of a post, or the new “Save” button on Facebook Page, to save the chosen piece to come back to later. Come back to an item with the “More” tab on mobile, or clicking on the “Saved” section on the lefthand side of the desktop version.

Facebook save feature

Google to Reward Users of Google+, Hangouts, and YouTube Live

Google continues to add features that will give more prominent Google search placement to users of Google+, Google Hangouts, and YouTube Live Events. One of the newest features added will give more prominent search placement to Google+ and YouTube Live Events.

Weird Al Yankovic’s Social Media Experiment is a Lesson For Success

On July 15, Weird Al Yankovic released his 14th album, ‘Mandatory Fun,’ and promoted it with the #8videos8days project. The artist released a music video every day for eight straight days and posted each on a different content partner’s website. Nearly 4,000 articles were written about Weird Al last week, accumulating more than 3 million shares! Weird Al’s experiment led to a debut at No. 1 album on Billboard’s 200 chart of of best-selling albums for the first time in his 30-year career.

This creative and entertaining campaign is something all marketers can learn from. Whether online or offline, it is important to cater to your audience and give an integrated approach to how you market your products or services. Do that, and you’ll see better results.

What social media stories intrigued you this week?

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