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Career Building Tips: What Social Media Jobs Can You Choose From?

If there’s one thing social media has proven to the marketing world after all these years, it’s the fact that we have no choice but to use it in order to succeed. Social media has evolved from being a creator of small social spheres designed to keep people in touch into a massively powerful, income-generating tool that enables businesses to become winners in online marketing.


Along with the evolving functions and relevance of social media to people and industries comes the rise of several social media jobs that career builders can freely choose from. These jobs are obviously going to be more in demand over the next few years especially since more and more businesses realize the benefits of social media marketing.


If you think social media is the right career path for you, here are some popular social media jobs that you might want to consider:


  • Marketing manager

This job involves the formulation of marketing strategies that will help companies drive more audience into its brand. It also requires the use of different tools in studying what marketing approaches will work best for each social media account owned by the company. The social media marketing manager also comes up with the overall goals and delegates tasks to the other members of the team.


Since the manager serves as the head of the team, he is required to have a strong background in digital marketing and a solid knowledge of the different social media platforms. Excellent communication skills are also a must.


  • Social media coordinator

The task of a social media coordinator is to administer the different social media properties of the company and use them in reinforcing the brand’s social relevance. This involves strategic posting of content such as photos, videos, and text-based posts and updates by following a posting schedule that will guarantee high readership or social media sharing rates. The posting of promotional materials requires creativity in terms of writing attention-grabbing captions and description text to ensure high click-through rates.


  • Community manager

The online community manager oversees the interactions happening between the company and its online community. From message boards to social media feeds, he monitors the activities of the company’s online subscribers and makes sure that the brand’s online reputation is never compromised.


The community manager also handles user violation reports involving spam messages, fake reviews, and defamatory comments. Therefore, he is entitled to block or screen Internet users that are deemed unreasonably harmful to the brand’s online reputation.


  • Content writer

The job involves the production of written materials that will be used in strengthening the company’s online presence. The articles that content writers produce are strategically crafted using SEO principles as guide. The ultimate goal is to make sure that these articles can gather online attention of social media users. Hence, the content materials must be engaging and credible for them to be widely shared across social media networks.


Needless to say, content writers and bloggers must have exceptional writing skills. They must be able to present facts, news, and tips in an innovative and credible manner to ensure a strong following.


  • Search engine optimization (SEO) expert

The ultimate function of SEO experts is to boost the company website’s ranking that will lead to better search engine result page (SERP) visibility. Although the job involves analyzing content creation strategies which does not always involve social media, an SEO expert still needs to use the different social media sites in promoting new content. This will aid in the spreading of branded materials that will help the company gain more exposure.


  • Social media customer service representative (CSR)

Businesses are slowly extending their customer service functions to modern platforms such as SMS and social media. The role of the social media CSR is to provide assistance to customers who vent out their concerns using social media sites. They must be able to handle frustrated customers to turn negative customer experiences into opportunities for the company to showcase exceptional customer service to a wide audience.

Since social media is undeniably becoming an indispensable tool for individuals and businesses, establishing a career out of it can be a worthwhile investment. By understanding the requirements of these social media jobs, you can begin your task of choosing which one will best match the skills that you possess.

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