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Changing Landscape of Paid Social Media Ads

Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines are usually filled with typical things. You will either see the pictures of babies or the pets. Sometimes, for a change, you will come across vacation albums, work related grievances or political posts. But, the photos and links are joined by something else on social media: ads.

In the past few years the scenario of paid advertisement has undergone dramatic changes. The traditional ads which was intrusive in nature, are replaced by ads that blends naturally with the other posts on the sites. Twitter was the first to come up with promoted tweets for their timelines. That ads fit easily into the social profile. Facebook followed what Twitter has done. The ads on the newsfeed section blurred the line of paid and organic social content.

The success of any ad campaign depends on your ability to select the content of promotion. Instead of a regular ad, your website or business can distribute interesting information through advertisement to a set of users, which will enhance brand engagement and recognition.

The major focus behind any advertisement is to derive profit.  However, social ads cannot be created with that goal in mind. Well recognized brands across the world have changed their promotional outlook and are trying to sell their brand experience. They are successful in their approach and are able to make the customers a part of their family. A social marketer has to make this successful strategy work for their social ads.

Facebook Ads

Suppose you are thinking of buying a television and for that you have started researching on web or mobile apps. What if you visit your Facebook page and see deals on a TV that features the best prices. You may also receive other brand recommendations. As because you are interested in electronics, Facebook may show you other ads on electronics. The items which you may purchase in the future. Many companies are already using this type of interest-based advertising.

If you do not want Facebook to show your preferred ads, you will see the standard digital advertising. Facebook has also introduced ad preferences. It is a new tool that lets you add and remove interests that Facebook will use to show you ads.

Facebook wants to show you ads that will be most relevant for you. To categorize the ads for you, Facebook considers

  • Information you share on your Facebook page
  • Other data about you from the Facebook account
  • Your activities on websites and apps outside Facebook

Adjusting the ad preferences, Facebook has helped the social marketers to reach the right audience for the best possible engagement.

Twitter Ads

This social networking platform has avoided advertising for a long time. Each day there are 500 million tweets and over 240 million users turn to Twitter, to stay connected with their interests. Their interest can be anything-starting from a recent global news to preferred shopping destination. Twitter helps the businesses to track the interests of particular community and reach their target customers.

Twitter’s new promoted tweets are similar to organic tweets that business can distribute for maximum engagement. They can be replied, retweeted, and favored. However, the business can deliver Tweets to specific users and during particular time period. The best part of the promoted tweets is that the marketers do not have to pay for anything unless the people actually respond to the tweet.

Promoted tweets are someway better than Facebook ads. Because through this promotion option of the Twitter, it is possible to target viewers based on specific keywords. The marketers are also able to able to show their tweets to people who speak specific languages. This enables to increase the brand awareness in different cultures.

Google+ Ads

Google on 16th April, 2014 fully roll out their +Post ads. The advertisers will now be able to place their Google+ posts onto the Google’s display advertising network. These links, photos, and videos are essentially promoted. Viewers can see a “click to expand” button which if clicked transform the content into a full screen view. The contents are fully interactive as the users will be able to comment, share, and give a +1. People can also join Hangout right from the ad.

These kind of actions from friends move more people to engage with your ad. The Google display network tools will enable you to reach the right audiences for your ad-content. With Google + ads also, the marketers have the benefit to pay only when the people engage with their brand’s content.

Instagram and Pinterest Ads

Facebook owned Instagram, started rolling out ads around the same time as the parent company. The sponsored posts are so well integrated, that most of the users see them as normal posts, rather than an ad. The only difference is that the ads carry the word sponsored. Instagram follow what people are doing on their Facebook and Instagram profiles to select and show ads to them. Instagram always try to present high-quality and engaging advertisements. If you do not find them interesting you can provide feedback and hide that ad.

Promoted Pins help business to reach more people on Pinterest. Promoted Pins are transparent, tasteful, and relevant. They are improved based on the Pinner feedback. These Promoted Pins give businesses of all sizes a chance to connect with more pinners.

The revolution in the field of social media advertising sends a single message. Social ads can help you to build a community by sending your message to people who will most likely enjoy what you have to offer. Nobody wants to see an ad that sends them to your storefront and links them to products available for purchase. Through, the social ads you can make people a part of the social media family. When they will see that you are ready to build up a relationship, they are likely to become your loyal customers.

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