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#Circloscope: Free Tool to Grow Your Google+ Audience


Google+ is a great social network and one which most people are now turning to, in the hope of boosting their SEO. One of the main unique features for Google+ users is the ability to create circles and with this new, free tool called Circloscope, things just got a whole lot easier.

Circloscope is a great management tool that can help users grow an even more engaged following on Google+. To see exactly how Circloscope works, watch the YouTube video here.

Social media is all about building an engaging community and with Circloscope, you can do exactly that on Google+. Find out which users are sharing and commenting on your posts so you can add them to your circles and even go a step further and find out who is engaging the most, talking about the same topics as you are.

The video will show you how to add engaging users to your circles as well as also cleaning up circles by removing those who do not follow you back.

By being a brand advocate in Google+, you can get on the front page of Google (see below). SEO is so important and for you to become a brand advocate, you will need to find ways to build a community and using a free tool like Circloscope, will allow you to do this.

Free Tool to Grow Your Google+ Audience #Circloscope

Circloscope also allows you to create a “whitelist” so that when you want to clear out the people you follow, you can whitelist certain users so that they are never removed from your profile. You can also create and save queries, manage event invites, export profile information and filter your circles.

If you haven’t tried Circloscope, I recommend that you give it a go to make your Google+ life that little bit easier to manage, completely free of charge.


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  • StephenSlavin's picture
    Sep 10 Posted 10 months ago StephenSlavin

    This looks like a really handy tool. I love Google+ and really wish more people would see the value in using it (personally I find it to be a much more relevant resource for my clients than Facebook in many cases).

    I'll give this Circloscope a go, thanks for sharing Warren.  

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