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Content Creation: Let Creativity Thrive


The key is finding inspiration on a regular basis, which can indeed be a challenge.  Start by staying up-date with your favorite bloggers, identifying trending topics that your industry is buzzing about and doing some newsjacking.  All creative work builds on what has come before it; the art of creativity is finding novel and compelling ways of presenting your ideas.  Although original content creation requires your own original writing, feel free to peruse popular industry websites and blogs for inspiration to jumpstart your creative process.

Employ inventive curation, which involves collecting ideas and assembling them into original works that effectively represent your brand.  Let your creativity have free reign by drawing on ideas from inspiring literature, skilled public speakers, captivating video and high-quality online content.  If you attend an industry event, take detailed notes on ideas that move you.  Regularly creating inspired, compelling content requires listening to your muse; creativity can spark at any time—when jogging, eating lunch or driving to work, for example.  Life can get chaotic, so it is important to record your ideas before they disappear.  Maintaining an "ideas list" could streamline and greatly simplify your content creation efforts.  Create such a list in your smartphone, since you likely always have it nearby.  

Although content marketing must be strategic and follow numerous best practices, content itself is an art that calls for real inspiration and your own unique sense of style.  Too many content creators produce content on the same tired topics over and over again—influencing many others to do likewise.  Think big, and let other disciplines and industries inspire your content.

When people actually have joy in their work, it is evident.  If you let your original ideas and unique outlook shine through, you may help distinguish yourself within your industry.  Content should do more than simply regurgitate popular industry opinions.  Increase the engagement quotient of your content, and you could significantly magnify your reach, website traffic, and lead generation and conversion, and even gain status as an industry thought leader.  

Rise to the challenge.  Do extensive research; read a great deal of industry content.  A dynamic, informed take on an industry topic could help you distinguish yourself from your competitors and win at content marketing.  Any original creation draws on the creator’s past experiences and all the content he or she has been exposed to in life.  It is vital to ensure that your true voice shines through in the content you create.  Ideas are wonderful.  However, without action, they do not actually do anything to advance your brand. Start collecting, curating and creating high-quality, crative online content today.

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