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Content Curation [INFOGRAPHICS]


Discover what content curation is, its challenges, and how to use it to improve your social media branding.

content curation find select share best most relevant content 5 Content Curation Infographics

Part of a good content marketing strategy, content curation is the art of finding, selecting, and sharing the best, most relevant content related to a particular theme or topic. It’s not possible (or recommended) to share your own content 100% of the time, which is where content curation comes in. Curating and sharing topical content that’s useful to your audience associates that content with your brand and creates brand affinity.

Curata’s Content Marketing Pyramid nicely illustrates all the facets of content marketing and the amount of effort required for each initative. At the top of the pyramid is dense, high-value, hard-to-produce content that’s difficult to distribute, like hardcover books. Content that you produce more often with less effort is next — examples include ebooks, white papers, infographics, webinars and presentations, and short-form blog posts and website content — ordered by descending degree of effort and frequency. As you can see, curated content is the low-hanging fruit:

content marketing pyramid 5 Content Curation Infographics

In my next post, I’ll review many tools that aid in finding quality, industry-specific content that you can share with your audience to continually position your brand as a thought leader. In the meantime, these 5 content curation infographics offer a great introduction to the topic.

1. Using Curation to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Mix

Using Curation to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Mix infograpnic 5 Content Curation Infographics

(via Uberflip)

 2. Content Life Cycle

Content Life Cycle Infographic 5 Content Curation Infographics

(via Digital C4)

3. The Curators and Curated

 the curators and the curated 5 Content Curation Infographics

(via Craighton Berman)

4. What is Content Creation?

what is content curation 5 Content Curation Infographics

(via Welenia Studios)

 5. Good Curation vs. Bad Curationgood curation and bad curation 5 Content Curation Infographics

 (via Beth’s Blog)


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  • marcthomalla's picture
    Jul 19 Posted 4 years ago marcthomalla

    Hi Pam,

    thanks for your great article! 

    I am working for keeeb.com, a German StartUp from Hamburg.

    Keeeb is a next generation content curation tool providing one of the best clipping technologies and a unique grouping functionality. While other services offer tools to save or highlight websites as a whole, Keeeb allows you to highlight and save sections of an article, including key phrases, videos and images. Keeeb has unlimited image upload capacity, extensions for all browsers and will release its mobile apps by 08/2013. Keeeb allows for people to collaborate in teams and have the option to keep information private or public. 

    Visitors to Keeeb pages will find not only a collection of hyperlinks but curated content. 

    Today I wrote a short article in my private blog about the difference between Social Bookmarking, Collection and Curation. You can find it here: http://thomal.la/2013/07/19/social-bookmarking-content-collectors-and-curators-or-research-3-0-infographics/

    Would be great to have your feedback.

    Bye, Marc

  • jeremywiddup's picture
    Jul 19 Posted 4 years ago jeremywiddup

    I like this post for the following reasons:

    Two reasons why this was a good post

    1. You have done a good demonstrated of the subject keyword in action - In that you provide a good example of what you mean - The subject is about curation of content and you have provided this as an example by discovering content and curating this for your post.

    SideNote: There should be a term in the social / SEO dictionary that can tag this method you have employed here. 

    2. The four broad areas you believe to be important are great points for perspective to begin, namely:

    a). How difficult is curation - Defined and depending on what is the source of content

    b). Why content curation is increasingly so important - A quantative analysis of content supply volumes

    c). How the different curation processes work - There is not just a single way for doing this

    d). Lastly and the most importantly - The aproach to a curators must have a way of thinking - About what they are curating - Having a certain kind of a relationship with the type of content sources that they curate from.

    A curators mind set!

    When curators see content they instantly judge and think: "I'm going to transform you at some point into something else" - So what is my relationship with you going to be based upon - And what will this relationship feel like?

    My relationships with Content - What you talking about?

    Will my relationship see content as just something that is a good source of raw materials that I can pour into my curation machine?

    Or do I see you as being a source that is a critical support for the pivotal points in making sense for the argument?

    A curator can fluctuate between having an (internal) battle for finding new insight into to the truth from a subject / theme or fighting the war on the (external) considerations so delivering the best sources to the widest networks and ensure the greatest leverage from (other peoples) external trends.

    OK so there are different types of curators - Why should I care about that?

    Internal battles for curation always deliver (in theory) something that is measured in the longer term since it take longer to be recognised, but when it is - It stays around as evergreen - And when this happens leadership then occurs.

    External battles for curation delivers what is 'hot' now - So gets instant recognition, but also dies very quickly and needs replacing just as fast.

    Where should I take my position in the curation value chain?

    External machines of curator serve as a an efficient service to all consumers of content - These (external) services for content curation make good follower of content supply and become key in the supply of services for leaders.

    Internal curators usually have a different goal - They are finding purity - And this can be a difficult (internal) task and sometimes a lonely place, but becomes increasingly less difficult to maintain traffic and control the shape of the content they curate.

    Curation in these terms is not so much about the content - Its more about why you might actually succeed as a curator - By first getting an understanding of the challenges and aswering the important question: Who am I?

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