Content Is King: How to Master Digital Marketing

Posted on January 28th 2013

Content Is King: How to Master Digital Marketing

The landscape of online content marketing has become much more populated in recent years, but it is still relatively wild and open. The earliest prospectors in the digital marketing arena learned the tricks of the trade through trial and error and many of them have the profits to show for it, while others just have advice about what not to do.

A number of these tried-and-true tips are listed below from both sides: those who struck gold in the pioneer days of digital campaign management and those who didn’t, yet still know the landscape better than most.

There is one consistent theme here—spend time and money on your content and you will be rewarded.Blogging

  • Content drives the marketing machine

Content should always be the focus of the site, at first. If there is no content worth reading or seeing on the site, than people won’t go. Sure, the “if you build it, they will come” saying works to a point, but people still have to play a game on the field. Make sure content is never undercut in favor of other aspects of the digital campaign. As the more popular saying goes these days, content is king.

  • Include SEO from the very beginning

SEO, better known as search engine optimization, is integral to the success and failure of website. It is almost as important as content in many ways as it is necessary for future marketing strategies and drawing users to your site. However, the trick to good SEO execution is to seamlessly integrate it into the content on the site itself so that it doesn’t stand out. Top-tier digital marketers are skillful enough to bake this element into the recipe of the website when it is first being designed.

  • It's not just content, but relevant content

In truth, the hard part of successful digital marketing isn’t drawing an initial amount of attention to a website, but to keep people coming back. This means you will need a regular stream of relevant content, not just good content every so often. The content should be directed at a targeted audience, as modern-day marketers should focus on trying to understand their customers, rather than just tell them what they should be paying attention to. This will change regularly, as the target audience’s interests will change with time. But the more consistently a website’s content is to their target audience’s interests, the more relevant and, in turn, successful it will be.

  • Pay attention to title tags

While coming up with new articles or videos or photos is a tall order on a regular basis and often requires an editorial staff to do it successfully, changing title tags is an easy way for a single savvy marketer to up click through rates and draw more traffic to the website. These are just a couple of words and can be tweaked on a daily basis so your website links come up in more searches or appeal to more people, helping your rankings and overall traffic to the website itself.

Above all, focus on having a style, tone and brand. There is a reason magazines and television networks focus on a specific group of people or try to cater to their interests and needs. Websites are an amalgam of all of these things and should be focused in the exact same way. Content should be tailored to this theme so users know what they are getting when they come to the website. Start with a clear strategy when developing content for your site and appeal to the visitors who search for you.

(Today in a guest post from the wonderful Joseph Baker, who works at Professional Intern)


Anna Farmery


Well, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG before joining the printing industry as a Financial Controller. I was lucky that I worked for a truly inspirational leader who recognised some kind of talent for leading people and at the ripe old age of 25 I was promoted to Managing Director. I knew then that I loved developing and inspiring people to bring out that talent that I believe is inside all of us.

I continued in industry working for FMCG companies for 20 years latterly as a Group HR/Finance Director for a major worldwide brand but then decided to establish my own company - The Engaging Brand.

I guess that I am really proud of building The Engaging Brand as I started with a budget of only £500 and now it is a successful thriving business that has helped many others achieve their dreams – all done through social media. Engaging people internally and externally with your brand is so important and I love helping people find innovative ways of engaging people in this hectic modern world.

The Engaging Brand was my dream of working with passionate people who want to grow their businesses through social media – often on tight budgets.

Much of my time is spent speaking and delivering workshops on branding, social leadership and social media.

As for my style well, I love this quote from a Melcrum event that said I was  "a ball of energy and crammed packed of ideas".

I also produce The Engaging Brand podcast - nominated six years running for the Best Business podcast – which is my way of giving something back to the business world which has been so wonderful to me. The show interviews a wide range of people looking for creative ideas of how to develop both you and your business.

And a recent addition to the CV is a 1st Class Honours Degree in Law, which I am very proud of and hopefully will be progressing on to a Ph.D researching social media and the effect on the modern employment contract.

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Posted on January 28th 2013 at 7:54AM

i agree, the most important thing is content that help users to understand what they want!!  Thank you for discussing your ideas on this post.

Kent Ong
Posted on January 29th 2013 at 12:34AM

Hi Anna, content agency is a new trend now. We need to blend content with company news, etc to promote companies so that when people read, they don't realize they are actually reading company promotional news.