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Content Marketers Beware: How to Keep Up With The Changes on Social Sites

ImageIt seems like every time I get a handle on a social media channel or a search optimization technique—something changes. Facebook expands its insights, Google introduces Panda 20, and the list goes on. Keeping up-to-date with changes impacting search and social is an overwhelming (and sometimes frightening) task for marketers. Heraclitus was correct: change is the only constant. 

Hiding from this reality will only make matters worse. To ensure that you stay in the know and keep your online channels in lockstep, we’ve included a few recent updates.

Google and the Guest Post

In a recent interview article on the art of guest posting, Matt Cutts of Google encourages companies to not “overdo it” when it comes to guest post submissions. No matter where it is--Google will serve up the most relevant, high-quality content and punish publishers who try to “game” the system. Guest posting is still worthwhile so long as brands are creating articles, infographics and videos that are original and relevant. As Google’s Panda algorithm continues to evolve, quality remains critical. Stuffing a post with keywords worked at one point, but not anymore. No matter where you submit and publish your content, be authentic and focus on the needs of your audience.

Facebook, Searching and “Wanting” – oh my! 

It is only a matter of time before Facebook refines its search engine to incorporate its vast wealth of user data. As Jae Curtis recently noted, Facebook plans to incorporate friends, interests, geography, popularity, engagement and influence in the forthcoming Facebook Search. In addition, the Facebook “want” button is being tested with a handful of major retail chains and, according to Curtis, “has the potential to turn Facebook from a fleeting social phenomenon into a moneymaking machine.” These new features will make engaging and sharable content more important for brands than ever before. 

Looking Ahead

In the years ahead, the online landscape will continue to evolve at lightning speed. With every technology update and platform change comes a new opportunity. Brands that continually adapt without fear or reservation will find the most success.

Stay flexible and open in the eye of change, and keep informed.  For more updates on social marketing and search trends check out The Content Standard and Search Engine Land.

David Woodrow



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