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Content Marketing: The Challenge To Stay Relevant

Content they say is ‘king’. Agreed!

People scour the internet for information, entertainment, deals, news; the list just goes on. This is the reason why most businesses in the world, if not all, now integrate this strategy into their marketing mix; to keep their potential and existing customers informed, to stay in touch and communicate their value. But little do we realize that not all of us may have the requisite talent and skill to do editorial work. What we of course know are the very businesses we are in. But, what if communication isn’t one of them?

Hire outside talent!

Well, that may be the most prudent decision to make. But unless the entrep himself believes it should figure in his priority list, it may just be an added cost in his expense sheet.

Here are 5 tips any serious business person must take to stay relevant:

  1. Define your Value Proposition; communicate it - revisit the reason why you are in business, the challenge/s that you solve, and the people you make happy with your existence. Come up with a very clear value proposition and let your target audience know about it.
  2. Decide on your Media Mix – the communication channels you use to deliver your message (value proposition). These may include public relations, social media, sales promotion, direct marketing; all these should deliver a cohesive message that will work to communicate your value.
  3. Create Targeted Content – the content you create should match the preference of the specific market segment you approach. A sports junkie may be interested to know how your new product/service will help improve his keeping fit and health needs. So try to offer information that will communicate a match between what your product can offer and how it can solve his current needs.
  4. Analyze Delivery and Response Rate; adjust content accordingly – be in the know of how your audience consumes your content; who reads it against those who don’t; who follows and shares it with friends, against those who continuously ignore it. This way, you will learn further and be able to determine what your prospects and potential customers need, as well as their buying behavior.
  5. Build your database and stay in touch – as soon as you keep track of people who consume your content and express intent to continue receiving information from you, it may be sensible to start capturing contacts you may be able to pitch your products or solutions to.

Staying in touch with your target market may be easy, but staying relevant isn’t. It involves a carefully planned approach that would not only require strong knowledge of the business and the market space you’re in, but as well, the talent required to communicating your value more efficiently against those competitors who may be armed with an arsenal of communication means you don’t enjoy.

EpiComm, Inc. is a marketing communications agency set up to help you communicate your value across your target audience beyond traditional media. We are composed of Marketing Communication professionals whose collective knowledge of the B2B and B2C markets span more than 25 years of practice in businesses engaged in retail, IT solution sales, food & beverage, and communication services.

If you have any existing or upcoming requirements, please message us ASAP and we would be more than glad to discuss with you further.

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