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Definitive Case Study on the Benefits of Guest Blogging

I’ve talked before about the benefits of guest blogging, and it remains one of the most powerful, cost-effective and profitable ways of extending the reach and influence of a professionally-produced blog online.

I was reminded of this last week, when I saw the incredible results achieved from a guest blog I posted on leading industry website

It clearly highlighted the fact that guest blogging is a force to be reckoned with in blog marketing terms.


I post once a month on the website, the main reasons for which include:

* The social media today network includes 1,800 bloggers globally

* There are more than 100,000 registered members in the network

* The network attracts more than 1,000,000 monthly visitors

More importantly, all guest blogs are uploaded by an independent editorial team at social media today, meaning that the quality of content published on the website remains high at all times.

The articles I post sit alongside content published by social media giants such as Brian Solis and Chris Brogan which adds huge credibility to my blogging efforts over time.

What happened when I submitted my last guest blog for uploading onto the website was, however, a huge surprise. The main benefits of guest blogging were evident in a short space of time, namely:

* More than 650 shares, Likes and re-tweets across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

* Nearly 700 visitors to my blog within one day, clicking on this link from the published article

* A new client signing up from Vancouver for six months’ blog marketing consultancy in 2014

The benefits of guest blogging, then, couldn’t be clearer. If you’re not doing it yet – why not?

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