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Discover, Curate, Amplify and Measure the Most Engaging Content About Your Brand

Earned media's power to drive business has been well-documented for decades. In fact, the entire public relations (PR) industry was built on earning media. But never in the history of PR and marketing has it been easier to discover, identify, amplify and measure earned media than it is now. Dozens of software tools are now available to brands, scouring the Web to index and serve up thought leaders and the articles they write about brands and products. However, one such tool, inPowered, stands out above the rest.


This week, the company announced that its discovery and identification toolset is now free for all users. The software consists of two unique tools: content marketing and native advertising. Its content marketing platform allows users to discover, identify and curate popular content written about any topic, brand or product. Brands will be able to do a quick search to identify what content is being written about them, its products and services, and the authors and thought leaders producing it.

Here's how inPowered describes this feature:

Content Marketing- inPowered's content marketing platform enables marketers, PR professionals and social media strategists to search for brands, products or topics, and then discover and curate the most engaging, trusted content throughout their social channels.


The second toolset, native advertising, includes the ability to amplify and measure earned media. By clicking on the "Promote" button, brands have the ability to distribute earned media via inPowered's advertising network. This paid media network includes display, native social and search. It's both vast and network-agnostic. Using this feature ensures that positive articles about brands, products and services are promoted and distributed to a much wider audience than the media outlet's alone.

This feature is described by inPowered as follows:

Native Advertising- inPowered identifies the most engaging articles written about a brand and enables marketers to pay to promote that trusted content as native ads via inPowered's targeted distribution. This enables brands to educate and shape consumer perception with trusted content that resonates far better than branded ads.


Unlike other content amplification tools that "optimize" content to get people to click on it but result in low-quality traffic with high bounce rates, inPowered optimizes content to get people to actually read it. The platform then measures the impact of the amplified articles on the readers' likelihood of purchasing products and/or services from a brand. This is done by deploying a simple shadow box.


What's unique about inPowered's software is that its content discovery and curation feature is free. Other similar tools charge for this feature, but inPowered's business model is not built around charging people and brands to find the best content to share with their audiences. Instead, the company wants to help brands find the right content for their target readers.

"At inPowered, we believe that every brand has the right to find and utilize great content to inform their audiences, so we're disrupting the content marketing space by making Discover, Identify, Amplify and Measure the Most Engaging Content in Your Industry free for all brands," said Peyman Nilforoush, Co-founder and CEO of inPowered. "Finding quality, credible information on the topics you're interested in should not be something you have to pay for - that's something that everyone has a basic right to. Too many vendors are charging too much, and aren't helping brands cut through the noise. We're changing that today."

Brands and content creators that wish to discover and amplify the most trusted content, earned media, now have an all-in-one platform that is both powerful and affordable. Using inPowered's content marketing and native advertising platform will help brands shape consumer perception and generate new customers over time.

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