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Doctors Changing the Landscape of Social Media

Patients changed the landscape of social media long ago. They’ve been tweeting about outdated magazines in waiting rooms long before marketers even knew how to leverage social media. Patients are tech-savvy, vocal and embracing social media.

Doctors Changing the Landscape of Social MediaBut what about doctors? What kind of impact do they have on social media in healthcare? Doctors using social media can be profound, especially when they seek to benefit patients and peers through their digital communication.

There’s a lot to learn from doctors that use social media to ultimately increase patient volume. These digital leaders blaze the path for more medical professionals to follow suit. Currently, here are my ‘Top 5′ doctors changing the landscape of social media.

Why? Because they are authentic and offer value through their content.

If you’re a healthcare marketer, I’d encourage you to check out their websites and blogs, and to follow them on Twitter. I’d love to hear your feedback on what you think of the direction they’re taking healthcare social media.

My current top 5 (in no particular order):

  1. Dr. Howard J. Luks  – Follow him on Twitter
  2. Dr. Kevin Pho – Follow him on Twitter
  3. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson – Follow her on Twitter
  4. Dr. Bryan Vartabedian -  Follow him on Twitter
  5. Dr. Mike Sevilla – Follow him on Twitter

What other noteworthy docs are you learning from? Would love to hear thoughts from readers.


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  • Dec 18 Posted 5 years ago medcrunch

    Great selection and definitely some of the top docs on twitter.

    We, that is Franz Wiesbauer and Lukas Zinnagl, are also write a physicians blog, which you might want to check out at



  • Edwin Huertas's picture
    Nov 8 Posted 5 years ago Edwin Huertas

    I'd like to add Natural Health Informer to the list. Dr. Marc Gitterle is one of my favorite "natural" health doctors on the Web. His Twitter ID is @MarcGitterleMD

  • Nov 8 Posted 5 years ago Ann Bradley (not verified)


    David Brownstein, M.D.'s  blog is top notch: isn't a doctor but the industry needs to learn genetics and I see way too little of that:!/23andme

  • Nov 8 Posted 5 years ago Dr. Patrick Mac... (not verified)

    Thank you, John, for this quality list! Even though I'm a chiropractor and focus exclusively within the chiropractic profession, I gained valuable tips and resources from the aforementioned five.

    For example, one of the biggest questions colleagues ask is how in the world will they be able to generate a constant stream of content that'll help grow their digital footprint.

    In response, I'll definitely send them to Dr. Luks article titled Your 41st Patient: Practical (Tactical) Guidance to Develop Website Content.

    Again, thanks for information. It is appreciated!

  • Nov 8 Posted 5 years ago Jason Boies (not verified)

    Hi John,

    Since you asked, I'd add Mark Ryan (@RichmondDoc) to the list. Enjoyed his tweets coming from the recent Mayo Clinic summit.  Another doc who really seems to "get" social.

    Otherwise, you've pretty much hit all the right names in compiling that top 5 list, I follow all of the above names and have for a while now. 

    Everyone interested in social media for healthcare should definitely follow along with the above names.


    Jason Boies

    Radian6 Community Team


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