Does Your Brand Have A Social Media Blind Spot?

Posted on January 6th 2013

Does Your Brand Have A Social Media Blind Spot?

MediaBistro shared an infographic that takes a closer look at how reputation management on social media can be a blind spot for business executives.

View the full infograhic and more details at Mediabistro.


Ragy Thomas

Email marketing veteran turned social media marketing evangelist. Former president of Epsilon Interactive and CTO of Bigfoot Interactive.

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Kent Ong
Posted on January 6th 2013 at 11:18PM

Hi Ragy, thanks for the infographic. This is not a surprised that small business owners ignore social media more than big companies. In fact, some of them don't even know what social media is. That's why their market shares keep shrinking.

Posted on January 7th 2013 at 9:22AM

Blind spots, in my opinion, account for more severe reputational crises than any other factor. The stats I find most interesting here are the contrasts between B2B and B2C. The most disconcerting is the top stat. It's just plain ignorance to not consider the impact of social media on business decisions. That, is a true blind spot. Both B2C and B2B should be much higher.