Dreamforce Session: Implementing & Executing Social Media Strategy at a B2B Company

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Posted on September 20th 2012

Dreamforce Session: Implementing & Executing Social Media Strategy at a B2B Company


Did you think Social was just for B2C companies? Think again! During this panel session we heard about how industry leading B2B companies have developed and implemented social strategies that drive results. Learn how they got started, got buy-in throughout the enterprise, trained and educated their employees, and connected social to business goals and results.


Jen McClure, Thomson Reuters (@jen_mcclure)

Tristan Bishop, Symantec (@KnowledgeBishop)

Tanya Donnelly, Schneider Electric (@TanyaDonnellySE)

Kevin Espinosa, Caterpillar Inc. (@@KevinGEspinosa)

Jeff Cohen, salesforce (@JeffreyLCohen)

social media for b2b panel

Q&A Highlights

How do B2B businesses get started with social media?

Where does social media integrate into business process to provide value.

Think about the business processs and identify where social media can fit in those strategies today.

Why should a company even be on social media?

Think about where your audience is, dont just do social media where you think you need to be at. The objective of using social media is to reach your target audience where they are naturally engaging.

How do you create a social media strategy?

First start with social listening. Its like when architects are building a college or building. They finish the buildng then don't build sidewalks. People will show you where the paths are.

How do you keep your employees motivated and excited about social media?

Delegate social media advocates in the company. Have advocates in each function of your business to lead the social media process.

How you do continue to get your employees to blog?

Show them their successes so they understand the value and continue to be apart of the social voice of your company.

How do you sell social media to the CEO level?

Present the business benefits, not just social benefits. Look for the stated goals put out by executives then find out how and share how social helps them accomplish their top level business goals.

How do you determine success of social media?

Attach social media to existing company programs.

Get content from existing programs and re-purpose and amplify on social media. First determine your goals. For example, Caterpillar focuses on four pillars: social listening, thought leadership, customer support, promotion.

What type of content is most effective on social media?

Content that is not selling, but instead helping the customer learn something valuable to them or helps them grow and make decisions.

Give them the information that they need but don't try to get them to marry you on the first date. Remember that it may be the first time they have heard about your company.

Rain drop effect vs. flood of content.

Think about your target audience and what their business challenges are everyday. Create content that helps them solve their problems.

How do you control messaging from employees on social media?

Build a company culture where employees feel positive about your brand and want to share good content.

Q&A social media for B2B panel
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