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Employee Advocates: Why Brands Need to Empower Employees to Be Social Savvy [SLIDESHARE]

ImageOn November 7th, we hosted an exclusive webinar all about how brands can power their employees to be advocates for the brand. Employee advocate expert, Liz Bullock (@LizBBullock), shared case studies from leading brands that are effectively leveraging employee advocates in social channels. Check out the summary and slides below or take a look at the webinar recording, which can be viewed on demand.

Employees play a key ingredient in the new social era. Now more than ever, brands are influenced not by the ads or image they put out to the public, but what consumers are actually saying about the brand. Not surprising when you take in to account the following statistics:

- 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know,
- 70% trust consumers’ opinions posted online
- 14% of consumers trust advertising.

Leading brands are turning to employees to amplify brand content, engage on behalf of the brand, curate content, listen to conversations, and even to help with recruiting. Employees have unique experience and expertise that can be extremely valuable to customers and prospects.

Check out these numbers from Cisco’s employee program:

- Employees have 10x more followers vs. corporate accounts. Plus only 2% of the employee’s audience overlaps with the audience of the corporate accounts.
- Employees share 29% more URLs about the company vs. corporate accounts
- Employees URL reach is 2x vs. corporate accounts

In this new social era, it is essential for brands to activate their employees in social channels. For more information, check out the slides below or view the webinar recording.

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