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Evolving Twitter strategies.

A long time ago I confessed to @SilkCharm that I did not get Twitter and was about to abandon it. But at her urging I persisted with the darn thing. Then quite quickly there were a whole bunch of people following me, and it became necessary to develop a set of rules for who to follow back.

I developed a series of rules, which were outlined in a previous post, and these initial rules were pretty simple because I like reciprocity, real people and conversations.

Those rules worked really well for me for a time. But then the effort expended in analysing who was following & selecting who to follow back started to become too great an investment of time.

Now I automatically follow whoever follows me. The corollary to this is automatically unfollowing people who unfollow me. I do this because I still like the notion of reciprocity. This has freed up an enormous amount of time for actual conversations and other stuff rather than administrivia.

Over time I've realised that only a small proportion of followers directly engage with me & vice versa. When they do I'm happy to join in the conversation. Twitter is often about the network amplification of ideas rather than direct reciprocal engagement.

I find that timezones play a big part in who I engage with. Thus living in Australia it is mainly Aussies & Kiwis with whom I tweet during a normal day. But staying up late or rising very early shifts the engagement to the Americans & Europeans.

Adoption of the automation approach with following keeps open the flow of new people that I can discover. Sure some of these people are spammers, some are MLMs, but this approach is working for me at the moment. I've resisted the automatic welcome direct message (still feels like a form letter to me).

When explaining Twitter to people I often contrast Facebook and Twitter. For me Twitter is about the people you don't know yet, while Facebook is about people you already know. However, the true value of Twitter as a community platform proved itself to me during the recent Live Local Challenge.

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  • Dec 13 Posted 5 years ago Brittany44

    Twitter and Facebook to begin with, really have shaped the socia media craze nowadays. I like Twitter but not as much as I like Facebook. I would have to agree that Twitter is about the people who you don't know yet where as Facebook is about people who you already know. That certainly is the reason why I am rooting for Facebook more than Twitter because it is safer to expose the inner you in the former rather than the latter.


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  • Jun 4 Posted 7 years ago GregGross I actually just joined Twitter tonight after months of "hating" it because I didn't see the point of it.  Now that I'm on, it's brilliant but I'm stilling getting used to it.  So thanks for the post and your previous posts.  Your posts and I linked up at the right time!

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