Explaining Twitter

Adam Goldberg Content Creator , SociallyGold

Posted on December 4th 2012

Explaining Twitter

by Adam Goldberg

Have you ever needed to explain what Twitter is? I use Twitter everyday, both personally and professionally and admittedly felt challenged making this presentation. Below are easy to understand slides explaining what Twitter is.

You’ll learn about…

. Hash tags

. @replies

. trending topcs

. Public vs. Private Accounts

. Retweets

You’ll also find slides about…

. Why I love Twitter over Facebook

. The subtle, but important differences between Facebook and Twitter

During the “Let’s go to the video tape” (slide 3).

That video can be found here.


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Content Creator , SociallyGold

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Great prez for the Twitter newbies. My company works with local retailers that are so well versed in Facebook for biz but just don't get Twitter. I will definitely share with our network. 

Slide 4: you may want to change out Larry Page to Jack Dorsey

Thanks for the compliment. I must have had Google on my mind when creating this. Can you tell I'm a seinfeld fan too?

Hi Adam, this is a good start to a "before you dive in" primer. A few questions...Doesn't instagram and native Twitpic change the way photos are access/consumed (embedded inline VS. click-through)? While hashtags can theoretically be anything you want, they are used to organize topics/information. Wouldn't it be more useful to choose common hashtags to organize your tweets with like information? Regarding @ tagging, I've found many starting out aren't aware if they begin a tweet with @... that tweet will only be shown (in a stream) to profiles following both users. Do you think that would be useful to differentiate between @reply and @tagging in the body of a tweet?

You make great points. I have also found that not many folks know the different between @tagging and @replying. I wrote a post all about it here

I don't typically use hashtags to ogrinize my tweets. I usually use them to be funny or research a topic or follow a news story. 

Thanks for the feedback! 

I added a slide about @replying. Thanks for the suggestion.