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Facebook Introduces an Update to Page Insights

ImageFacebook recently introduced its revamped version of Page Insights with improved publishing tools, metrics and engagement statistics for all pages. The updates were designed to give admins more data regarding page visitors and to assist them in creating improved content. Facebook allowed some users to beta test this new version in June, but it is currently available to everyone. 

Here's an Overview of What's New 

Improved Metrics 

The PTAT (People Talking About This) metric has been broken up into different elements that includes People Engaged, Page Likes, Page mentions and tags, Page checkins, and other page interactions. The People Engaged metric includes unique clicks, likes, shares, or comments. The purpose is to assist Page admins to better visualise how visitors are interacting with content. What was previously called the “virality metric” is now called the “engagement rate” and clicks are now a part of this metric. 

Tools for Improving Content 

All of the metrics that are associated with positive interactions such as comments, likes, clicks, and shares and negative visitor interactions such as unlike page, report as spam, hide all posts, and hide post have been encapsulated into a score card that is specific to a post. This allows marketers to evaluate negative and positive metrics for each post at a glance. 

Data Regarding People Interacting With Pages 

Admins are now able to see people they have reached and in addition, those with whom they have engaged. This will be helpful in determining how content appeals to different audiences. 

Export Functionality 

An option has been added so that new Page Insights data can be exported by admins so that their templates for custom reporting can be updated. The older export option is still available, for the time being. 

All of the old APIs will still be available to developers and admins. New APIS are being developed for addition in the near future, but are currently unavailable. 

More Detailed Information on Page Insights Changes 

Overview and Navigation 

Page Insights has received an overdue update from its prior version and there has been an expansion of many sections that allows administrators to obtain more detailed information.  

The “Overview” area displays an overall view of data for Post Reach and Engagement, and Page Likes that have occurred in the past seven days.  

Page Popularity 

Any administrator of a page on Facebook would be overjoyed when the number of Likes increases, since it translates into more people subscribing to their content.  Likes increase your reach and fan base, especially when your fans choose to share content that you post. 

Page Likes 

This section provides you with the details regarding the number of Likes and Unlikes your fan page has received, and where the actions are originating from. 

The chart that is displayed is interactive. As you move your mouse over a portion of the graph the “Like” count for a particular day is shown. If you click in, you get a breakdown of where your “Likes” originated from.  This is also applicable to the “Unlikes”. 

For a more comprehensive view there is a graph that summaries the origin of all of your likes and breaks down the sources: 

  • On your page
  • Mobile
  • Your Posts
  • Page suggestions
  • Other sources 

What Fans Like 

In order to keep your subscribers coming back, you must provide them with content they like, and avoid content they don't like. Page Insights now gives you data that describe interactions that are positive, such as, comments, shares, and likes and interactions that are negative, such as, unlikes, report as spam, and hide a post. 

Total Reach 

Total Reach displays the number of visitors who viewed any activity on your page, including mentions, non-fans, and check-ins. 

Knowing Your Fans

This section provides administrators with data regarding their fans. You can view this data by going to the People section and then going to Your Fans. This will give you demographic information such as gender and age and also information such as the cities and countries of origin and language preferences. 

Increasing Reach 

To get analytics data regarding shared posts, the Post Reach area is where you should go. This section will provide you with an indication of whether the budget you have allocated for promotions is effective. 

Detailed Post Analytics 

Most administrators want to know which posts receive the best response from their fans. This section is useful for that purpose and it can be accessed by going to Posts and then All Posts. This data includes: Time Published, Post, Post Type (link, photo, video status), Targeting (customised or public), Engagement, and Reach. 

When to Post 

There is a section that tells you the time your fans are online. Just go to Posts > When Your Fans Are Online.  This will give you a lot of data that is in two groups. The groups are 'Times' and 'Days'. 

You will see a view that encompasses one week that shows the number of your fans who viewed any Facebook post, on an hourly basis, according to the local time of their computer.  When you look under the 'Days' category you can view the quantity of fans/hour for each day in the week. 

Certainly, this data is useful for giving you a good idea about the best time to post new content.

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