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Facebook Is Looking to Increase Its Mobile Traffic

Facebook has 800 million monthly active users. Of these, more than 350 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices, which make for nearly 44% of its user-base.

When looked at from the aspect of getting the traffic, then mobile devices again are traffic generating platform for Facebook with 33%.

Seeing this fact, Facebook has decided to get more serious about paying more attention to extracting the most from its service’s users from mobiles.

Recently, Facebook launched its new iPad app, updated its iPhone app and also improved upon its mobile browser. Facebook also offers mobile versions for Android, Blackberry and other such services. With the release of new versions of the site and iOS apps, Facebook is expected to give a big time boost to its mobile users. Constantly, with more accessibility of smartphones and iPads,

Facebook has taken its online world from the internet on a computer to an internet on a mobile.

Twitter is already very successful with its mobile version service with about 55% of its traffic coming from mobile devices. Facebook could achieve the same percentage and might even surpass it if it works on the aspect.

Already over 90% of the iPhone owners access Facebook through their smartphone devices. It is more handy and convenient. As the changes in the computer and gadgets world is taking place, so is the future of social networking platform changing.

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