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Facebook Paper: Another Move Forward by the Social Media Monolith

Facebook paperSocial media has been one of the most outstanding things since the middle of the past decade if one is speaking about the online world. It has changed almost every aspect of life, both online as well as offline. It has been one of the most talked about topics during the last few years as well. Billions of people across the globe connect with one another through social media websites. This has helped to make them an integral part of the day to day lives of people. Moreover, among them, Facebook is probably the most talked about social media website of all.

Increasing Competition for Facebook Driving Innovation

Over the last few years, the competition for Facebook has increased gradually. It had been almost a monolith in the field of social media. However, the scenario is gradually changing. Earlier, Facebook used to cover major part of the social media market. The importance of this website is expected to remain the same or even increase. However, some of the other websites, which did not enjoy immense popularity earlier, is coming up. For example, Twitter and Google Plus are expected to gain in popularity to give Facebook a real good competition in near future. This is driving the company to bring out new updates, which can help it move ahead in the race once again. Facebook Paper is an addition in this endeavor. It has been designed and planned at the Facebook Creative Labs and is expected to hit the market in the beginning of February, 2014.

Introducing Paper – Facebook’s Latest Feature

The data that are present on Facebook are already of a bulk amount. The website has the information about innumerable number of users. It has enough data to understand the personal details and choices of almost every individual who are present on this social media website. However, the website focuses on another aspect. With its new app Paper, it brings forth the effort to connect with people through various topics, ranging from news headlines to sports, food, science and so on. This application is expected to work more as a newspaper than as any other application.

Paper – the Beginning of the Smartphone Era for Facebook

Different social media websites, including Facebook, were initially planned for the computers and the laptops. The advent of the smartphone brought about a complete change in the equation. For the first time, one could access the internet on their mobile phone. It was an outstanding change - people could remain online all the time and even while on the go. Facebook’s new application, Paper, has been made to use the website perfectly on smartphones.  It almost marks the smartphone era for this outstanding social media website and is expected to take it forward in leaps and bounds.

Remaining Updated with News

Facebook Paper is actually all about news as well as newspapers. It provides the users with the chance of scrolling some of the most popular newspapers that are published on the planet. Thus, it is a great step forward to help people remain updated with world news. There are different stories, which are posted on the Paper. It is meant for the users, who can take a look at the different news stories, which are extremely popular. Moreover, it also has an excellent design to ensure that the application is friendly for the users. There are blocks of news appearing as tiles just beside the personal feed of Facebook users. The content in this section is a perfect blend of the already published articles and upcoming news and articles.

A New Taste of Facebook for the Smartphone User

Each and every feature of Facebook Paper is meant for the smartphone. It gives an enchanting feeling to scroll through this application in a touch-screen phone. All the aspects of the application have been designed in such a way that they respond to the touch of the smartphone user. Hence, all that the user needs to do is scroll on the screen or push different parts of the screen on the smartphone. This is because major part of Facebook Paper is set to be interactive. It is expected to make the application more engaging for the users.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook Paper would be able to emulate the success of the social media website it belongs to. However, it can be said that this application marks another step forward in the evolution of Facebook.

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  • Eric Haskell's picture
    Feb 21 Posted 3 years ago Eric Haskell

    Right Hailley, the way Facebook has expanded over the years amazes almost everybody. And it is really interesting to follow the continuous developments. These developments ensure that Facebook is here to stay for a long time.

  • hailley's picture
    Jan 31 Posted 3 years ago hailley

    Very nice overview. It could be said that purely based on the sheer number of people that Facebook has access to, Paper will be a success, however it remains to be seen whether or not the Facebook audience will really utilize it to it's full potential.

    It's always interesting to see Facebook continuously moving forward. This is the kind of development that has me believing that Facebook will be around for awhile longer, it's not just a fad or as recent articles have said, a disease. 

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