Facebook, Politics, and Your Social Media Policy

Christian Bryant Owner/Consultant, ChrissyBiz Solutions

Posted on April 19th 2012

Facebook, Politics, and Your Social Media Policy
Business arguably receives the most benefit from 800 million users logging into social networking giant Facebook. Businesses can gather information about their target market's buying habits, preferences, and decisions that influence their purchasing habits, just by having a profile or business page. Companies used to pay top dollar to marketing firms to gain access to such valuable information, and still do.

But business is also dealing with another issue posed by the social networking giant -- disgruntled employees voicing their complaints, unproductive time spent on the company clock, and little to no recourse to fight these issues. Even if social networks are blocked on company networks, employees can gain access through several mobile devices without the employer ever knowing. But is this a valid or smart stance for business?

The issues have become so important that Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter drafted an amendment to the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act 2012 after several complaints by job applicants that they had to share their personal Facebook passwords. Potentially, anything posted on Facebook would be considered in the hiring process.

The amendment did not have a chance as only one Republican voted in favor of the amendment and a final vote of 236-184. However, this issue will only be escalated as employers who do this can be investigated for breaking federal laws. Social networks are beginning to have more of an impact on business than just marketing. As of today, it is NOT illegal for employers to require Facebook passwords during the hiring process.

If you are seeking employment, it would be a good time to edit any information that could remotely keep you from getting a job. Competition is fierce, and when all else is equal, your social networking activity could affect your job prospects.

Would you as a small business owner support such a requirement to hire employees? Why or why not?


Christian Bryant

Owner/Consultant, ChrissyBiz Solutions

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