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Facebook Sentiment Emoticons: What They Mean For Your Business

Facebook recently added a new feature on its status update function. It's great for Facebook engagement.  Similar to checking in on Facebook, you can now add how you are feeling on Facebook. What's unique about this feature is that it gives you many different options to fill in exactly what you are eating, drinking, watching, reading, listening to, or feeling.



You might be thinking, so what? Well, here's the kicker! You can attach a brand page to that feeling, watching, eating, etc.


Why This Facebook Status Update Is Important?

It gives brands, especially those that fall under the categories above a new way to be linked to which in turn will increase engagement and traction.

Here's what I mean.

I did a test run on my own Facebook page. I happen to be drinking Starbucks as we speak, (I think lattes make me a better writer), so it's not so untrue. I was given the option to type in whatever brand I wanted, or I could make up my own.



When you hover over Starbucks you are able to like it or message the brand right away.




As you know people are influenced by their friends. Many of my friends might be reminded to like Starbucks from this update and Starbucks just made a new fan and I had some influencing power. 

This is what makes this feature so special. It is still just rolling out and thus I will probably have more updates for you. But here is something to think about. As you engage people on Facebook, try to encourage them to add you to their updates. Heck, you can even make a contest out of it. This new feature is going to be huge for Facebook engagement and for brand awareness in general.

Another way to use this feature is like Rachel Zoe did here. MAJ, for those of you who don't follow Rachel Zoe, is her signature word and it means major.



Right now, I'm feeling MAJ about this new feature for brands. Do you have this feature yet?


Join The Conversation

  • Apr 15 Posted 4 years ago xxsugarstonedxx

    I still don't have this feature, it is making me angry.

  • Apr 13 Posted 4 years ago Shasur

    Tried to do this and failed (on StarBucks page). This feature is a welcome one. It will accelerate Sentiment Analytics

  • Apr 12 Posted 4 years ago mstracylee

    I am not seeing the ability to do this and I have the new timeline but not new newsfeed on one of my accounts. Help?

  • MichaelWessel's picture
    Apr 12 Posted 4 years ago MichaelWessel

    I have this feeling that the easier you make it for brands to become a part of a life commentary on things like social media, the quicker and easier they will begin to be ignored by most people. Sure this option is great for marketers trying to get that brand message out to a wider audience, but how long is it before those 'nodal people' who always attach stuff like that on FB start to be unfollowed? Noise, noise, noise, marketing needs to be like a sniper today, not a shotgun...

  • StephanieFrasco's picture
    Apr 12 Posted 4 years ago StephanieFrasco

    How do you think this new feature will impact brands?

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