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Facebook's New Metrics: Connections, Frequency and Reach

Facebook rolled out a new iteration of their ads dashboard yesterday. While it's still no AdWords, it's a step in the right direction. Key takeaways:

Connections: The number of people who liked your Facebook page, RSVPed to your event, or installed your app within 24 hours of seeing this sponsored story or ad.
Connections are essentially what Facebook has called Conversions, but limited to 24 hours post impression. Cost Per Connection now becomes the single most important Facebook metric.

Reach: The number of people who saw your sponsored stories or ads. This is different than impressions, which includes people seeing them multiple times.
Put simply, Reach is unique user impressions.

Social Reach: The number of people who saw your sponsored stories or ads with the names of their friends who liked your page, RSVPed to your event, or used your app.
Enough said.

Frequency: The average number of times each person saw your campaign's sponsored story or ad.

This is a great new metric that Facebook has introduced because it will allow advertisers to gauge when they've saturated their target audience. I assume that over time, Frequency trends will indicate when people are most likely to engage with an ad (i.e. when Frequency is over X, engagement rate steadily declines). 

In addition to updated metrics, Facebook has introduced some nice new graphs at the Campaign and Ad levels:


So, what's still missing? Robust demographic reporting, for one. We want to see how our ad variations perform for different, perhaps pre-defined demographic clusters. Also, how about some detailed profile reports? The current profile reporting feature is cumbersome, high-level, and currently broken. C'mon Zuck, you can do better than that.

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  • Sep 26 Posted 5 years ago Fer (not verified)

    Ok, I need to clarify a concept, please help me out! What does engagement exactly means? What would be the defintion of engage in SM?

  • Sep 25 Posted 5 years ago MailaK (not verified)

    Brand building on Facebook is becoming as close to a sure thing as possible in the corporate world these days. And we can't blame these companies for advertising on this social site because it is the easiest wasy to communicate with the consumers. As I read here: Facebook drives you to drink, Facebook pushes consumers to consume, or at least to drink particular labels, according to a study by alcohol conglomerate Diageo. Smirnoff and Baileys are 2 labels that encountered significant sales once Facebook ads for the goods appeared.

  • reidbenson's picture
    May 28 Posted 5 years ago reidbenson

    A couple of other features I would love to see, but failed to mention, are connection churn rate and engagement rate. In other words, over time what percentage of fans from a given campaign or ad end up un-liking the page, or interacting with the page. 

    This would help advertisers get a better idea of the true value of Connections (i.e. aquisitions) by target audience, over time. 

  • May 26 Posted 5 years ago Esteban Contreras (not verified)

    Good news. Demographic data is definitely missing but Facebook is going in the right direction.

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