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Finding Your Voice in Social Media for Your Brand

The voice your business uses in social media is crucial to your branding. Your marketing team needs to know what your business' personality is so that your voice in social media is consistent and leads to conversions.

The Business Personality in Social Media

It doesn't matter what kind of social media you use; from YouTube to Facebook, when you start a channel or profile, you need to set your business up with a distinctive personality. You are one among a sea of many. It’s time to standout. Humanize your social media.

As a business, you need to be intentional about your social media personality. You might want to plan your social media personality like a novelist plans their characters.

Identifying Your Social Media Personality

  • What motivates your personality?
  • What things about your brand history influence the social media personality?
  • How do your family/employees, enemies/competition influence your personality?
  • How would your personality react to anger? Cynicism? Praise?
  • What are three of your most important brand personality traits?

Consistency In Your Brand Voice

While real people tend to be ruled by their emotions and make poor decisions, your social media personality shouldn't. The only rule you need to abide by is consistency. Take these examples:

  • When you're promoting something, you ALWAYS add a joke
  • When a customer complains, you ALWAYS respond politely
  • When you win an award, you ALWAYS accept it graciously
  • When a customer has a problem, you ALWAYS try to solve it immediately

It doesn't matter how your team is feeling personally. If the personality of your business is jovial, then your social media presence always needs to be happy and funny. If the personality of your business is generous, then your social media presence always needs to be giving something.

Everyone involved with your business' social media personality needs to be on the same page with "who" your business is. Consistency creates a voice, and a voice makes your business more personable to your customers.

Creating a Distinctive Social Media Voice

Voice in writing is a nebulous term, but absolutely distinctive. Just lke you can recognize your favorite singer even when you don't know the song, you can recognize writers even if you don't know the media.

Here are some tips you can use to help create a distinctive social media voice:

  • Use catch phrases and create inside jokes between you and readers
  • Find a broad topic that you can use for all of your metaphors
  • Start and/or end everything you post online the same way
  • Use your business' personality to create your own lingo

A huge part of a social media voice is in creating meaningful bonds between your audience and your business personality. Allow your readers and customers to influence your personality and how you engage with them. Keep them engaged and it will keep you engaged.

Treat your business' social media personality like a character in a novel; make it three dimensional, believable, and consistent, and you will find your voice in social media.

Be distinct and likeable. Blend in with the crowd and be forgotten. Be unique and focused and be remembered.

What is your brand social media personality? If you don’t have one, starting creating one right away. Get with your team, ask your customers and review your social media. You might already have a voice and not even realize it.

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