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Five social media companies that might just change the world.

Mashable is always one to have its pulse on the tech world and true to form, their current Fourth Annual Mashable Awards competition is on now with its 25 categories from “best game” to “best website.” But what distinguishes this year from previous years’ awards is that it has a whole new emphasis on “social good” marketing. In this year’s competition there are two new categories in that vein; “Most creative Social Good campaign” and “Most influential Social Good Champion.”

Now it’s noteworthy to realize these categories did not even exist two years ago. It is even more noteworthy when one realizes that the entrants in these two categories were dominated by social media companies. It seems we understand faster than our digital brethren in other digital disciplines that social good is intrinsically tied social media. I was awed to see the vast diversity of social media companies that entered the “Most creative social good campaign” category, especially since one of the entrants, CSR Coop, is a group I am proud to be associated with.  

Once the finalists were announced, I was intrigued to see who made the final five. The finalists were a diverse group who understand that doing good requires activating a groundswell dynamic; using the latest in social media technologies. It also means we see a need and want to make it better without waiting for a big company to foot the bill. While I was also humbled to say we were in the final five, I share all our stories here for one important reason. Let’s activate our networks and get out as many votes as we possibly can to make sure they get more votes in this category than any other. Let’s show our powerful groundswell voice so maybe next year there might four categories devoted to social good.

Here are all the finalists. Remember “Vote early and often” (you can vote daily).  

Browncoat Redemption  (@Browncoatsmovie)

This interesting company revolves the Firefly/Serenity TV series “community of interest” by creating their own fan film called “Browncoats: Redemption” with the proceeds from the DVD’s of the film going to charity. That’s cool but what’s really different here is that all the proceeds (Yup – 100%) from this initiative goes to five specific charities; Equality Now; Kids Need to Read; Dyslexia Foundation; the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center; the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation.

Many companies commit some profits to good causes – but I know of no other program that gives away 100% of proceeds. That’s noteworthy and deserving of your vote.

CSR Cooperative (@CSRcooperative)

This initiative takes a different tack to solve the problem of how not-for profits get exposure. The CSR Coop is literally a “cooperative” of successful businesses and individuals who have all committed their time and money in support of great CSR causes (Corporate Social Responsibility). “Leaders from entertainment, education, digital technology, messaging, social media, journalism and business have come together to make this possible. Together we can … raise awareness and funds under the roof of one solid foundation.”  

This organization matches social good causes in need of support with social media campaigns that companies are doing. Their vision is that in cooperating they can promote more causes more efficiently than traditional “single cause at a time” approaches.  (Author’s disclosure: I am a proud founding member of the CSR Co-op.)

Letsfcancer (@letsfcancer)         

This organization is meant to “stick it to cancer” by empowering people to be active in their treatment and cure of the disease.  “We change the way cancer society perceives cancer by challenging the stigma and the victim mentality. We shift the balance of power from the cancer to the patient, and turn “patients” into fighters, and survivors.”

They are different in one significant way. “We don’t fund research. Why? We’re not researchers. So, what are we?  We are the first and only charity to explicitly target Generation Y in the cancer space.” They appreciate that this generation will have to take the lead in making decisions for the elder members of their families who are probably living longer with cancer. It is a brave new world in medical technology and this generation will be the first to make tough choices in medical care. 

Project Dog (@ProjectDog)        

This social good campaign is designed to; “create dog equality and promote responsible dog ownership.” To ensure that: “…ALL of our four-legged friends get the respect and opportunities they deserve.”

This site provides a community around how people need to be educated about a dog’s special needs based on their unique breed and experiences.  Their goal is to promote happy dog and human relations – one dog at a time.

Twitchange (@Twitchange)        

This clever company uses Twitter to generate funds in a fun and engaging way. Here’s how they describe it:  “The only global celebrity auction where Twitter users can bid to get three things: be followed by their favorite celebrity on Twitter, retweeted, or mentioned by them in a special tweet!”

How simple and how ingenious.  Of course funds raised by these sponsored tweets go to not for profit organizations.

In the end, let’s show the larger tech world that social media is as much about social good as it is about anything else. So VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN (voting ends December 16) in the Mashable awards because for these five little company trying to change the world – it makes a BIG difference. Let’s show the rest of the world how it’s done.

Judy Shapiro

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  • Dec 8 Posted 6 years ago Issa @ Garious (not verified)

    Now, that's going to be tough - given that all of these five finalists are simply... Awesome!  I guess, social media can be used for the good ( as well as the bad ) and it's not all about making yourself a major superstar out there.  Thanks Judy for making this wonderful sharing.  This is really inspiring - and I might just as well start using social media for a good cause.  Cheers!

  • Dec 7 Posted 6 years ago Social Media Ma... (not verified)

    Thanks for the info. Well, Social media marketing is the effective gateway to get enough publicity for your business. If you wanna be successful in business, you need to focus on one thing and only one thing - Social media marketing.

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