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Frustrated? Here's 3 Steps to Understanding Your Customer

What if someone asked you “What do you want?” You can have anything that you want?

Would you specifically know?

When the question is asked a popular answer is often loads of money … and when people say that to me I ask “Why? To buy what?” They don’t need money, they need money for something else…..

So why is this question so relevant to businesses……

Do you know what your customer specifically wants?

Not what you offer. Not in general terms e.g. a gift. Not what the tangible ‘thing’ looks like BUT what the ‘thing’ brings to their life.

Let’s take the idea of a gift. A gift is more than the gift itself. It conveys something. It conveys friendship or love. It conveys that you really have thought about what would make that person happy. It conveys how much you value that person. Understanding your customer is more than demographics.

Why you need to know the specific WANT

Unless you know then you can’t market your goods and services to that person. Marketing needs to address specific reasons.

Marketing needs to speak to the want not the product. (Tweet this)

Understanding your customer is more than sales channels.

How do you appeal to a customer’s need?

You use the words that they would like to feel after the purchase. You move them from how they are feeling now to how they will feel after they have purchased it. Why do you think blog posts often start with Frustrated … or Simple … or Improve … or Maximise.

People want something from you. They are looking at your website because they need something. They need you to show that you understand and that by choosing YOU, they will be transformed in some way.

This works for widgets, works for food, works for car maintenance or legal services. There is always a need that requires satisfying.

Today think about whether you can truly answer

  • What is the specific need for your ideal customer? (Remember to dig down to the absolute need, remember the money….why do you need a million pounds!) (Tweet this)
  • How do you show you understand how they are feeling now and give them the answer. So if it is frustrated then how will your brand solve that frustration and how will they feel afterwards.
  • When do these feelings occur, what prompts this feeling? Because it is the accident that prompts them to need a body repair service, it is a divorce that prompts the need for a legal service etc  This trigger is where your brand needs to be…..this trigger is before they know it is YOU that they need. It is this trigger that you need to appeal to…

Understanding your customer is about understanding the specific need, feeling and trigger….once you have those 3 answers….market away!

For more tips, for more simple, easy guidance to creating the brand you dream of (!!!) Let me write to you each Wednesday with a quick tip for business success.

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