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The Future of YouTube: As Told by SXSW

I attended a panel by the guys at Maker Studios on the future YouTube and vloggers. It was labeled, “The Future of Video; The Post YouTube Apocalypse” and focused on vloggers and how the platform will develop.  The panel was interesting, and the guys were hilarious, but when one of the panelists, ShayCarl, remarked on how YouTube will evolve, it inspired me to take a look at the entire conversation around YouTube at SXSW.

Via the Vloggers

Shaycarl is one of the better known vloggers on the web, showing dedicated to his fans (he posted one video a day for four years) and creating a personality and brand on YouTube that young vloggers inspire to. During this panel, Shaycarl noted the reasons he vlogs, but more importantly, he touched on the idea of YouTube, and similar platforms, evolving into an integrated experience which would include Hollywood films, television and online content.  

Via the Founders

Chad Hurley, one of YouTube’s co-founders revealed at SXSW that he will be releasing a potential new rival to the platform. He divulged in a discussion with Ad Week, ““I wish [South by Southwest] was a month later because I could unveil the new product…primarily video based ... and gives flexibility for people to work together and create content.” It makes you wonder though – could a new platform really complete with the powerhouse that YouTube has become? I would think that if someone was going to release one that did, it should be one of YouTube’s founders – because who else could complete?

Via the Competitors

Vimeo has been the biggest competitor YouTube has seen since its start and it has become very popular with musicians and filmmakers. Vimeo revealed at SXSW that it would be starting Vimeo on Demand, an open e-commerce platform allowing video creators to sell access to their videos in exchange for 10% of the revenue they bring in. Participation in the service requires users to maintain a $199/year Vimeo Pro membership. This extension is perfect for Vimeo’s main users and many expect that this will skyrocket after its launch.

Via Twitter

After searching “SXSW” + “YouTube” for the duration the interactive element of SXSW, I found nothing majorly negative. On the positive side, increase discussion around YouTube’s partnership with Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera for the new comedic channel, JASH – showing that everyone is excited about YouTube’s next ventures.


For now I would safe, YouTube is safe in its place as the top online viewing platform and pending Chad Hurley’s new platform – it doesn’t have anything to worry about. 

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