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Posted on January 25th 2013

Get a Gravatar

Brand yourself when commenting.
Photo by lemort.

Have you ever visited a blog, scrolled through the comments, and wondered how people’s pictures appeared next to their names? Did you ever try to add a comment yourself and get frustrated that your comment didn’t get that picture but an enigmatic wavatar, MonsterID, or identicon instead?

It amazes me how many people add comments on sites ranging from the Harvard Business Review to Quora and on blogs powered by WordPress and Tumblr, to name just a few, but don’t have their headshots next to their names.

Curious how?

You need to create a globally recognized avatar, register an email address (required for comment systems), and upload a photograph to connect to that address.

Your gravatar will then be shown beside every comment you make on systems powered by WordPress, Disqus, and Intensedebate, and even Mailchimp newsletters.

3 benefits of a gravatar

  1. You will have an identity.
  2. You will be branded.
  3. You will evoke trust from the community.

Tips for a great gravatar

  1. Use the same picture from other online profiles. If you already use the same avatar on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you should replicate that photo as your default gravatar that will follow you across the web wherever you comment.
  2. Use a real picture or cartoon caricature of yourself. Be personal. Logos and pictures of pets or kids are not you.
  3. Use different photos for different email addresses if you want. You can choose to register different addresses and associate different avatars to each one.

Use a gravatar now

Sign up right here, register your address, and upload your picture.

Then… start commenting!


Ari Herzog

Ari Herzog is a storyteller, speaker, and media consultant. Since 2009 he has helped organizations of all sizes create and integrate social media strategies to connect with their audiences. Ari holds a Master in Public Administration, is an elected city councilor in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and is campaigning in 2014 to be elected as State Representative. Learn more about Ari on his campaign site and media blog.

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Jessica Jabr
Posted on January 26th 2013 at 11:43AM

Useful, Thank you :)

Kent Ong
Posted on January 26th 2013 at 3:18PM

Hi Ari, it is very important for people to recognize in order to build relationship online. I even put my image for my email signature.