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Google Announce WiFi Service for All Its Fiber Cities

google wifi fiber citiesAs we all know, Google fiber is 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband. We no longer have to wait on things like buffering. Whether you are video chatting, playing your favourite online game or uploading family videos, all you need to do is simply ‘click’ and you are right there. Google Fiber seems to be enough to deliver ultrafast internet service at a reasonable price. If you ask a group, ‘who wants fiber, the most advanced network in the world’? You will see the entire group of hands going up.

Fiber targeted more than 34 cities in nine metro areas for access to Google’s internet services. However, today’s good news is that, if you happen to live in a city, which benefits from Google high-speed gigabit fiber network, then I must say you are lucky. You will soon enjoy the same super-fast connectivity, but this time without the wires. Yes, you heard it right! Google is planning to add Wi-Fi to its fiber network.

Google’s share of work

The company has asked for a list of all addresses in each city, along with information including building types. It has also requested several geospatial data files for providing information regarding the street, manholes, boundaries, zoning types, condition of payment across the city, or utility poles. They have asked the cities to identify locations to install huts. Each windowless hut that measures 12 feet by 30 feet will be allowed 24-hour access and need to be on land. Google agreed to lease for about 20 years. The huts, which are handful in each city, would be the main networking equipment. Fiber cable would run along the utility pole from the hut or through underground fiber ducts and end at neighbourhood boxes, which are around the same size or smaller than the utility cabinet found on city streets.

The planning was made in 2013

In May 2013, Google planned to build its wireless network in emerging markets around the world (Source: Wall Street Journal report). The company already planned to partner with local telecommunications firms to establish the networks. According to the report, Google might utilize airwaves used for television broadcasts, as long as the Government regulators are fine with it.  In addition, it also plans to create new business models to support the networks. However, this year, their long-term goal came into force renting data access from Verizon and Sprint.

Today’s buzz

The latest news is, Google has promised and has sent an email statement to the IDG News services confirming that the plan is very much ‘ON’. They are trying their best to bring in the Wi-Fi access to all its Fiber cities. Research says that Google has also been circulating documents that detail the possibility of distributing wireless services to more cities that are due to receive Google Fiber service in 2015. However, till now it is unclear whether the Wi-Fi access would be free or whether it will be limited only to those who have already signed up for the Google Fiber account. Although in January Google said that it would offer free Wi-Fi in the areas around New York offices in the Chelsea neighbourhood. Even some of New York’s subway stations and around the company’s Mountain View, California Headquarters are also provided with free but limited Wi-Fi services using traditional cellular networks as a fallback when necessary.

The reason behind the service

Google explained that the plan was initiated largely due to streaming movies and other major download issues. As your internet gets faster, you spend more time online. This was the core belief of Google’s success.  Instead of adding new features to its Google search, YouTube, or Gmail, the company focused on making things faster. No wonder, Google rocks! I have found that several people working with me have ‘just the internet’ at home. And no television or cable. In fact, Google does not want to be known for Gmail or Google search. The company wishes to see a Google glasses on every citizen or Google Fiber in every home.

Wi-Fi and its features

Google Fiber offers internet data-transfer speed up to one gigabit per second at home. This happens to be much faster than the existing internet services. The Wi-Fi service is a bonus. It can potentially bring fast connectivity, letting the users to hook up for mobile devices, tablets and motor vehicles for such activities that demand more bandwidth, such as video streaming. This is only possible through gigabit-sized connectivity to the devices.

Fiber is not only a ‘moat strategy’ to improve Google’s enormous growth businesses, but is also a way to increase the usage of Google services over the next 20 years.

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