Google+: Behind the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on February 13th 2014

Google+: Behind the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]
With more than 1.15 billion registered users and 201 million active mobile users on a monthly basis, GooglePlus is a rocking social network that many businesses and brands haven't leveraged yet. Google+ is on the track to beat Facebook and become the most widely used social media. There were some very amazing insights, confirming that the social network is used by a large number of people, and is growing at a very strong ratio month after month. Take a look at this infographic from wearesocial team highlights the global G+ statistics, and compares to UK data where available.
Some key takeaways:
35 percent of Google+ accounts are actively using the social network on a monthly basis.
25 to 34 old are the most active demographic on Google+ (with 31 percent).
People upload more than 1.5 Billion images and gifs every week on Google+.
70 percent of top 100 inter-brands are using Google+.
Google+: Behind the Numbers - infographic

The state of Google+ - infographic

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from Personal expirience i have activated google+ and strated to compare results against other networks

Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin; and found that the average post on G+ is getting much better responses and interactions than the previous mentioned networks. The basic concept that "don't play with google" is still a kind preset for most user resulting in quality.

It will still be very hard to compare G+ to faceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn as the Network lacks of maturity, but thus far excellent results


We've found this to be true as well. People will start/continue to use Google, especially for help in SEO. 

Agree Mcc Code, I've also experienced that engagement rate on GPlus is much better than Facebook.

A little surprising to see that 25-34 year olds were the most active users on Google+. We're expecting Google+ to continue to grow. Curious to know if people are using Google+ to avoid Facebook. 

Hmmm... Pixel Insights. I'm also Curious to know if people are using Google+ to avoid Facebook.

It's certainly possible. I'll have to do some research on the topic this weekend! 

Irfan - Thanks for the data on G+ .   I certainly believe this platform is increasing in # of users, however I did have one question - How is 'active user' defined regarding these numbers?

(Just asking because, someone can be actively using Google's other features that are based off of Gmail, but not necessarily be posting much on G+ itself.)  

Interested to know your thoughts on this. Thanks.


Gareth, In my opinion "Active users" are the number of people that scroll or visit the G+ content stream (as known as "feed"). And, as G+ has integrated with many other Google's products simultaneously, so it's hard to say how exactly G+ counts their "active users". It's still a Mystery (may be someone from G+ could answer it better).

Great read - the 62% male figure was the most surprising. Perhaps mixing in some Reddit or Imgur-style content might be something for brands to consider when developing new G+ content ideas. I certainly will!


There is no doubt Google+ is growing and will continue to grow judging from the numbers on the infographics. The number of active users and that of registered users are on the increase and as Facebook has decided to limit the number of people that sees a post shared with links, Google+ seems to be the more likely location for content marketers and bloggers, so i can even forsee a higher growth this year than ever.

Agree with you Nwosu, G+ "is growing and will continue to grow".

Instead of becoming curious about Facbook failure it's more important to be curious about the strategies that can be used on G+ with the help of this data.

Good point Ehtesham.