Google Glass: The First Stage of Something Bigger?

Posted on March 22nd 2013

Google Glass: The First Stage of Something Bigger?

google glassIt occurs to me that Google Glass (or any technology) is a lot like a single-celled organism. It might sound like a strange analogy at first, but there is a lot of merit to the comparison. The most complex organisms on the planet are a result of single celled organisms interacting with one another and exchanging code. After a series of interactions and some time, those single celled organisms turned into all the life we see around us. 

If Google Glass is considered a single-celled organism, it is in its earliest stage of development. While there is no shortage of neat uses, Google Glass might be the first stage of a much more impressive being. 

An opinion piece on Mashable seemed to echo a few of my own thoughts. It opens up acknowledging that the Google Glass is under criticism and in some cases outright discrimination. However, the point is made that many gizmos and gadgets were a laughable concept at their inception. Remember the huge mobile telephone of the 90’s? I think that caught on after a couple of tweaks.

Google Glass might be a laughable concept now because it hasn’t even been given a real opportunity. The inhibitive cost is sure to hurt a lot of would-be Google Glass users as well as the fear of damaging it. Consider the device’s evolution. It is easily foreseeable to incorporate some kind of motion sensing technology akin to the X-box’s Kinect to navigate an interface my tracking hand movements or even eye movements. New methods of transferring messages or sharing video feeds are bound to develop. 

Movies and animations have depicted technology that is not all that different from a set of hi-tech glasses. Literally plugging into a computer, collars that send signals to communicate with the brain and other collars, and projecting data in holographic form are all examples of possible paths of development.  

People at large have proven that they are committed to constant communication and social media contact with portable computers and intricate cell phones. Google Glass is not so much altering what we do with social devices but is likely the first step in altering how we socialize. 

While we scoff at the idea of wearing a phone on our faces, there was a time where it seemed outlandish to send a letter electronically. Bring on the future Google! Let your single cells create digital life!


Christopher Hansen

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