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Google+ May Be the Biggest Online Conversation in the History of the Internet

What is Google + and what are the main differences with Facebook and twitter is what most people are wondering right now. Should I be part of it? I can’t waste my time on Facebook, Twitter and now in Google+.  This is what most people are saying right now, but what is actually Google+?

Google+ is the biggest online conversation since the internet was available to the public. It is still in Beta version and you need to be invited to join by someone already in it.

In Google+ you can potentially make a conversation with every single user of Google, not of Google+ only but Google, so if there are millions in it, you have potentially millions to exchange ideas with. Why? and How?

Google+ allows you to add to your circles everyone on Google+ and anyone with a Gmail account and they don’t even need to accept or add you in their circles to receive your status updates. In Summery everyone you add to your circles (and you can potentially add everyone) will receive your status updates in their “Stream” and they can add comments and likes.

This is a total new way of social interaction, online conversation and online sharing.

Many of us don’t believe Google can have a successful Social Network because of all their previous failures, but Google + is not competition to Facebook or Twitter, it is a whole new vision of the capabilities within Social Media in general.

Do companies actually see the potential of what Google+ is? I am sure not yet and they will not see it for a long time, basically you are able to reach your target market and potential clients without them even knowing you are there, but they will receive your posts about your business so you can reach everyone you want.

You can make the biggest market research ever imagine for your business by reaching as many people as possible and sharing the questions, they don't need to have you their contacts but they are still able to answer your questions.

This will create a whole new level in the way marketing is done online. Like we have been saying for a long time now... the news, services and businesses will find you, no longer you will have to look for them.

How will this affect Facebook or Twitter? That is only to be seen, all the attention is going to how Facebook will react about Google+ but what about Twitter? While not having all the eyes on them we might be giving the space they need to be the real threat to all social networks around.

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  • Jul 13 Posted 4 years ago jsherloc

    Nice article on Google+ Mili! What is crazy is that Google+ has now been out for an entire year. Reading through your post it is funny to see what all has changed in their approach, and what all has stayed the same. In my opinion Google is first and foremost an advertising company, so if they can make Google+ increase their bottomline in terms of advertiser spending, they will continue to work on it and it will evolve.

    I don't see enough people taking advantage of Google+ for online reputation management campaigns and local SEO either.

    - James

  • Jul 18 Posted 5 years ago Anthony Carthy

    It will be interesting, have been paying with it.

    Lets see what happens


  • arqjmg's picture
    Jul 18 Posted 5 years ago arqjmg

    Hi Mili

    I've seen some info about G+ and it appears to be a really big change in the way we interact into the cloud now a days. I know the net is growing its importance for business and entrepreneurs.

    Thanks for sharing this article and if you wish to share also an invitation to try G+, it will be nice!

  • Jul 17 Posted 5 years ago thebusinessmentor

    Great article. I have been invited to participate on Google. I attended a webinar training yesterday about setting up your Google page.

    In my opinion Google+ is not trying to out do Facebook. They have some similarities but the they also have some nice differences. And it does not hurt to have a page there I do but then I have a page at about 30 other locations on the net and I use to post to them daily. If I spend a lot of time just chit chatting then I dont get anythig else done. Hence no money.

    Thanks Mili!

    Dave Huntsman

    The Business Mentor


  • Jul 17 Posted 5 years ago Donnie Smith (not verified)

    I already have the Google 1+ like button on my website, but I am not sure how to get to the circles feature you were talking about.  Any suggestions?

  • Jul 16 Posted 5 years ago Sally Cevasco (not verified)

    I think that Google has really stepped up to the plate and created something amazing!

    Video "hang outs" with 10 people at once and so many other features.

    Really cool and I think once everyone gets the hang of it they will love it



  • Jul 16 Posted 5 years ago Gail Fay (not verified)

    I learned my lesson by not jumping onto Facebook and Twitter in the early days (I got a bit left behind). The intr0 of Google+ will give me the chance to get in early this time! I look forward to seeing how it can help my online experience.

  • Jul 16 Posted 5 years ago Kathy Thomas (not verified)

    Up till now I have been sitting on the fence regarding Google+.  It seemed to me to have been getting mixed reviews, however, what you are saying Millie, makes sense and I think I need to now re-think my strategy. 

    Thanks for bringing this to me, a well timed reminder!

  • Jul 16 Posted 5 years ago Jim Campbell (not verified)

    If Google's doing it, then it's worthy of our and our client's attention.

  • Jul 16 Posted 5 years ago DavidBlair

    I think everybody is missing the two Google+ advantages that outweigh the other platforms. Apart from being much more user friendly and at the moment not weighed down by silly Zuckerburg petty rules, it will become easier to Rank with the fantastic +1 button and Google has been smart to allow you to keep in touch with your Facebook from within Google+.

    For a beta it is remarkable!

  • Jul 16 Posted 5 years ago HeatherH (not verified)

    Great article and really good to see how you feel the future of Google+ will pan out. It'd be nice if all your followers received an invite!!!

  • Nick Bennett's picture
    Jul 15 Posted 5 years ago Nick Bennett

    Interesting point Milli,

    It's certainly going to be an interesting next 6 months with G+. You are so right, with the insight into business use of G+. At the moment of course the big focus is personal networking and it's all about audience take up. But as soon as the number stack up, every marketing department/brand will be looking for 'The way..' to integrate G+, just as it played out on Facebook.


  • Jul 15 Posted 5 years ago Ashutosh (not verified)

    Great Artical

    Thank you , I am Looking Forward to Get an Invitation of Google + from you :)

    Peace Happiness always

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