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Google Zeitgeist 2011: Great Digital Storytelling

Google has released their year-end collection of data for 2011 and it is beautiful.

They have done an excellent job of not only presenting us with great data but also creating a fantastic video that has hit at the core of digital storytelling: emotions.

They are replicating an emotional world of experiences and positioning themselves and their products at the heart of it (with Google+ featuring very obviously). This is brilliant advertising.

What did you think?

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  • Dec 22 Posted 5 years ago bri331

    as you say, Jack: emotions are at the heart of storytelling, no matter what platform the stories are told on.  It's amazing how this video covers so many different kinds of emotions in just a few minutes.

  • Jack Ashman's picture
    Dec 20 Posted 5 years ago Jack Ashman

    Facebook, Twitter, Storify, YouTube and Flickr have all also released end of year reviews. 

    I've written them all up for you here: Which one is your favourite?

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