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Hashtags Gone Wrong: 6 Examples of Unfortunate Hashtag Choices


Welcome to Twitter, a world all its own. It is a place where you can get mini updates from celebrities every fourteen seconds, right beside your mom's attempts to figure out this whole "social thing". It is a magical, bizarre and often surreal place filled with strangers who somehow feel that it is crucial to tell the world about the sandwich they just had. A tool with endless functions that has been a driving force in the "Internet Famous" phenomenon.

The implementation of the hashtag, which originated on IRC, is a big reason behind the popularity of Twitter. It is a useful way of both searching the site and tagging posts. On a more personal level, hashtags are used to emphasize points or even make jokes.

Sometimes, they are even used in ways that make you fear for the future of humanity. Here are six hashtags you won't believe are real.

1. #Susanalbumparty


Susan Boyle exploded on the scene in 2009 after auditioning for Britain's Got Talent. Her voice shocked the world, and she became an internationally known singer with her first album topping the charts. Yes, I said 'album', not 'anal bum', which is what it appears her marketing team missed. Either that, or they were intentionally drawing attention to a fake mistake. Either way, it did what it was meant to do and got a lot of attention.

2. #DescribeThatSmell

This one could be totally innocent. But since this is the internet we are talking about, I am going to guess it is used for less savory purposes. Just reading this hashtag makes me think of the worst smells imaginable. But I don't really feel like describing any of them, so let's move on.

3. #RoadkillRecipes

Mm, doesn't it just get your mouth watering, folks! If you ever wanted to know how to properly cook a tire-flattered skunk into a stew, or grill petrol spiced possum steaks, you have a hashtag to help you find out. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

4. #funniestlinesfromSchindlersList

I cannot even think of something to say about this. Every time I try, my brain just sort of falls back into a loop of "What? What? What? WHAT?" For those reading this, please feel free to not put lines from Schindler's List in the comments. Thanks.

5. #FreeSandusky


For those who don't know, Jerry Sandusky is the retired assistant coach for the Pennsylvania State football team. He is also a horrible human being and a serial child molester who founded a club for at-risk youth that he then abused. For decades. I don't think freeing him should be on our list of priorities.

6. #cut4bieber

This one caused a major stir not too long ago. Justin Bieber, Canadian poster child for all that is wrong with music, was caught on film smoking marijuana. The infamous trolls on message board 4Chan decided to take the opportunity to mess with his prepubescent fans. They began posting pictures of Twitter alleging self harm, and posted it with the hashtag #cut4bieber, and variations of the same. While the fact that they made light of cutting caused a lot of anger, the fact that it seemed to actually encourage some other fans to do it themselves was what really sparked controversy.

Have some examples of hashtags gone wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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  • marydesilva's picture
    Sep 4 Posted 3 years ago marydesilva

    I am not sure this is the right thread to ask question, sorry still asking there is big confusion in my mind

    Both of these pages pointing to same thread


    This is not internal dupilcations?

  • annsmarty's picture
    May 8 Posted 4 years ago annsmarty

    Not that I am aware of! I think people make up hashtags daily, so there's no way it can exist!

  • May 3 Posted 4 years ago J C Smith

    Hi Ann, Is there a Universal HashTag list?

  • May 3 Posted 4 years ago _arexis

    Recently I saw a hashtag for Kmart promoting their online store services, and they opted for #shipmypants. Sounding very much like something you don't want to do in your pants. I got a good laugh out of that one. Another good resource for hashtag definitions, that I use is

  • May 3 Posted 4 years ago Jim Turner

    Let's not forget my hashtag for Twitter parties at #DadsTalking  Have to make sure capitals are in the right place.  I am a dad but do not do any stalking. :P


  • annsmarty's picture
    Apr 29 Posted 4 years ago annsmarty

    Thanks for the comment, Dan! Yes, I didn't intend to list them all :)

  • annsmarty's picture
    Apr 29 Posted 4 years ago annsmarty

    Thanks for sharing, Meredith! What I always suggest is checking Urban Dictionary *before* you stick to any hashtag!

  • MeredithGould's picture
    Apr 29 Posted 4 years ago MeredithGould

    I have the distinction of establishing and then getting the hashtag #chsocm accepted as the universally-recognized hashtag for content and conversation about church and social media. But that was after chosing a hashtag that generated a pile of porn spam in Portuguese. Turns out I'd unwittingly chosen a slang word for...let's just say something not even remotely close to my intent. #chsocm tested out fine. Point of this anecdote: pre-test all hashtags!

  • Apr 29 Posted 4 years ago DanPurvis

    Interesting read, but agree there are other hashtags gone wrong examples out there.  However, used right, hashtags are a great way of filtering out content you don't want, and being presented not just with relevant content, but connecting you with like-minded peers.  Also wrote about hashtags on my blog, here:

  • Apr 28 Posted 4 years ago Neal Brown

    Disappointed. Only one of these is actually a #HashtagGoneWrong - and that is #SusanAlbumParty. The others are just ones you dislike, that doesn't mean it's gone wrong!

    One hashtag that did go wrong was #NowThatchersDead or #NowThatChersDead 

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