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HiveMindMap Helps You Track Top Tweets

The Twitter statisticians at HiveMindMap display the most popular hashtags from the last seven days in a kaleidoscopic spider diagram, with affiliated links connected by multicoloured tendrils.

HiveMindMap tweets
The site, which is updated and filtered for spam nightly, also displays hashtags that are strongly connected to the most popular links.

You can navigate around the diagram easily, scrolling, zooming in and selecting preferred hashtags with the mouse or keyboard.

There is also a toolbar at the top of the screen with a help button, a zoom out button and a tab to open a calendar showing all the week’s trends at their specific time.

Clicking on a hashtag will highlight all the links to relevant hashtags and zoom in. For example, here is the diagram for the Australian Open.

Australian Open HiveMindMap Tweets
Clicking on the ‘i’ above the selected link will open an information pop-up with four tabs: a line graph displaying the hashtag’s popularity over time, top tweets related to the hashtag, the related tags as shown on the spider diagram and tweeters who have used the hashtag.

Australian Open Tweets
Businesses could use HiveMindMap to find out who is talking about what and when, and to discover how interests are connected and identify trends related to their services.

For example, the employees of a sportswear company could click on the #ausopen hashtag to find out what related subjects are being talked about and join the conversation themselves, or they could find people on Twitter who have the most interesting things to say about the event and Tweet them about the company’s products.

How would you use HiveMindMap for your business?

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Will Sigsworth

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  • MJ Wesner's picture
    Jan 22 Posted 4 years ago Myung

    This seems like a fantastic way for businesses to stay incredibly current on breaking trends, especially unexpected ones...I could see it being super useful in the fashion industry during awards season, say, after a certain chic starlet sets some new fad on fire before the last Oscar's even bestowed.  A great way to get a jump on the competition.

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