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HootSuite Expands to Support Google+ Pages

Google+ continues to grow, but there’s a lot of pessimism about the social network. Much of the growth has come from recommendations because of it’s strong integration to search engine results. If you’ve not joined the network yet, you probably will if you wish to have enhanced search engine result page entries including authorship functionality.

My personal views on Google+ are that it’s expansive layout makes it difficult to absorb a lot of information. On a mobile device or iPad; however, the user experience is absolutely beautiful. I had been vocal that a key disadvantage to Google+ was the ability to integrate content publishing platforms to it – but that just changed.

HootSuite has just added Google+ page integration to its social publishing app. It’s simple, elegant and seamless – even supporting circles (groups of users you wish to target publishing to).

The integration allows you to leverage Hootsuite’s platform with Google+, including the ability to:

  • Connect with customers and inspire them to recommend with +1
  • Measure success using Google+ analytics modules
  • Target messaging using circles functionality
  • Manage circles in-dash with add/remove and edit functionality
  • Monitor, search, share, schedule and post from your Google+ Page

Disclosure: We’re a HootSuite Partner and use our affiliate link throughout the blog when speaking about Hootsuite. We think it’s an amazing platform and you should give it try! Given the incredible low cost and incredible array of features, we think it’s the best publishing platform available.

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  • Kent Ong's picture
    Jul 24 Posted 5 years ago Kent Ong

    At least they do something for us. Because we have been waiting hootsuite to integrate Google+ for long time.

  • DouglasKarr's picture
    Jul 23 Posted 5 years ago DouglasKarr

    Hi Kent, yes - that's exactly it! But only Google+ pages, not your personal updates.

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Jul 23 Posted 5 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Douglas, do you mean that we can now add Google+ as one of our social networking sites in hootsuite?

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