How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on May 3rd 2013

How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media are one the most powerful tools for communications and PR managers. But - as the Spiderman quote goes - "with great power comes great responsibility."

Large organisations' social media crises have become a daily part of the news. Whether it is an employee going rogue or a hacker taking over a corporate account, a lot of these social media crises can be avoided. Not by extensive (and expensive) security programmes or banning the use of social media at work, but just by common sense.

Law firm Osborne Clarke, PR agency MD Communications and digital agency Organic Development had a look at two specific social media crises which involved two of the most established brands in the UK, Burger King and HMV.

After evaluating the way both handled the crises, they gathered some practical tips on how to easily avoid this happening with your business.


How to avoid a social media crisis 


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Posted on May 6th 2013 at 2:44AM

Interesting infographic, Bram. Social media crises are a real disaster for a company. It is only by expertyl handling a crisis will you be able to weather it through. Your examples pretty much explain what a business should do when that happens to them.