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How to Bring Great Customer Service Online

Customer Service Online Practices

Having great online customer service is crucial in this day and age. Having great offline customer service is simply not enough to effectively own your customer relationship management.

How do you bring this excellent customer service you may have offline on to your online presence? Here are some tips to get you started:

1) A quick response rate:

If your customers are asking a question or asking for support, they expect you to respond, and in a reasonable time. To build a great relationship online with your customers, it simply starts with this.

Make sure to have someone monitoring your platforms at least throughout regular business hours, and if you are a larger company, make sure you tell your customers when you’re signing off for the night. This way they know when to expect service.

2) Show them that you care:

This is one of the most important aspects to customer service in general, even online! All customers want to know is that you care about them and care about what they have to say.

Listen to them, and provide the support and help that you can, and respond to them even when they aren’t complaining or seeking help. Interacting with your community goes a long way.

3) Help where people are asking:

When someone reaches out to you on Twitter, they don’t want to have to go email you or phone you. They expect to receive help and support right on Twitter. Obviously sometimes this is hard to do because of the 140 character constraints of Twitter, but try your best to do this as often as possible.

The beautiful thing about social media is that it allows for easy and quick service. Customers expect this, and if they wanted service via the phone, they would have called you first!

4) Separate your support feed:

This will not apply for everyone. It is great to have your support right on your Twitter page, but some companies that deal with a lot of support, may want to consider splitting up their support feed with their regular feed.

There’s nothing more annoying then visiting a Twitter page and the entire feed being filled with support responses. If you are a company that frequently uses your social feeds for support, consider having two. For example: Hootsuite has their regular Twitter and then Hootsuite Help.

5) Seek out conversations:

Sometimes people are talking about you and just not directly tagging you. Search for the conversations happening surrounding your brand or product line, and join in on the conversation, as you feel appropriate. Also, seek out people that may be spelling your brand, or products incorrectly. Often, people may make mistakes when tagging you or talking about you. Always be seeking out these people as well, because you don’t want their queries to go unnoticed.

These are just some of many useful tips to get you started with developing a great customer service online via your social media platforms. Start thinking about what makes your offline customer service so great, and try and implement that online. This way you’re covering customer service from all levels.

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  • Marinigh's picture
    Jul 14 Posted 3 years ago Marinigh

    Glad you liked it! Thanks for sharing :) 

  • Sunday's picture
    Jun 30 Posted 3 years ago Sunday

    Creating a great customer service online helps to put a business in a high pedestal. Businesses that have great customer service are those that readily meet the demands of customers.

    It becomes important for online marketers to understand how to build that relationship.

    I agree with the tips shared here. Showing customers that you care always helps to cement their trust for you!

    I have shared this same comment in  kingged.com where this post was shared and "kingged" for internet marketers.

    Sunday - kingged.com contributor


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