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How to Build a Better Podcast [INFOGRAPHIC]

Chip and Dan Heath are advocates that podcasts should be one thing above all: sticky. But that’s also their general approach to all ideas discussed in social media as outlined in their bestselling book Made to Stick. Sticky ideas are easy to understand, remember and retell, and follow a SUCCES model (not a typo) that reel in the reader, viewer, or listener by being simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and telling a story.

Learning in Hand created an infographic that ties in the value structure presented by SUCCES in with how the model can contribute to the success of a podcast. And while video will always garner a strong viewership, choosing to go the audio route is just as successful. Apple announced this year that they surpassed 1 billion subscriptions for podcasts through their iTunes app with additional apps like Soundcloud and iHeartRadio cropping up as a means to listen to even more podcasts hosted to the sites and major networks and celebrities getting on the podcasting bandwagon as well.

Want to toss your hat into the podcasting ring or revamp your existing podcast to bring in a new audience? Keep these three tips in mind!

1) Create a structure.

While podcasts offer a slightly more laidback approach than a television appearance or magazine interview might, there still needs to be a set structure in place as to how it will go especially if you decide to record live without additional editing included. Know in advance what you’re planning to talk about, how long it will take to discuss, and rehearse a bit beforehand too to avoid going under/over the time limit. Additionally, be sure to keep your logistics in mind – how long the episodes will be, how often they’ll air, where they’ll be available to download, the type of audience you’re looking to engage, and how your listeners can reach out and get in touch with you.

2) Bring on the guest stars and speakers!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being featured on The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show as a guest speaker to discuss how to grow and protect your business for the future. The hosts Travis and Sandra were happy to have me on and I was excited to be there – and even more thrilled that the episode landed on iTunes! If you want to make your podcast a series of your own thoughts and reflections, you’re probably better off making a series of YouTube videos instead. For those running daily or weekly podcasts (particularly shows that are 40-60 minutes long), you’ll want to invite a guest speaker on. Get a live Q&A going with your guest star or, should you get multiple guests on for the hour, a panel discussion or fireside chat. Not only will this help spice up your show, it’ll provide you some additional clout (and Klout). Influencers tend to arrive with a built-in fan base accompanying them which is an added bonus to helping spread the word about your show on Facebook and Twitter and getting even more speakers interested in being featured on it.

3) Get a partner to co-host with you.

You’re more than welcome to take on a podcast solo but if you have a buddy in the same industry that you have a great rapport with, why not pair up each week together? Working alongside a partner does more than provide funny banter back and forth, as it also works to benefit the overall tone and depth behind the podcast. A truly great co-host will work to balance their other half out and bring along their own set of strengths, as well as sticky ideas, to the recording.


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  • Toby Crabtree's picture
    Nov 7 Posted 3 years ago Toby Crabtree

    Hi Sweeney, all tips are good for Build a Better Podcast. but "Bring on the guest stars and speaker" is really helpful for popularing the show and podcast as well. Even Audience like to see their stars in a chat show.

  • belcusi's picture
    Nov 7 Posted 3 years ago belcusi

    Very helpful Deborah, especially for first-time pocasters! Thanks!

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